Even though I follow a lot of people on Bloglovin, I tend to skip 90% of the posts in order to find the ones I actually want to read. There are very few blogs who’s post I read almost every day, and if you’re looking for someone new to follow, I can highly recommend them.

Randomdanishcitizen – A blog run by a gorgeous girl, Maja, who posts about her everyday life and the (awesome) creative stuff she does. I just have to type “r” in my addres bar and it autofills her blog. Admittedly, I stalk her way too much. And I’m almost sorry.

Marensblog – It’s just hilarious. Go there. Love it. Laugh.

Rikkesmakeupblog – Rikke is a lovely girl who posts a lot of useful makeup reviews and easy how-to’s. If you ever get stuck in your makeup routine, this is the girl who will pull you out.

Pudderdåserne.dk – A very popular blog about makeup and beauty products. Their motto is “100% bullshit free”.

Lortemor – Another mommy blog run by an awesome woman whom I often disagree with, but I love the fact that she doesn’t hold back and just says it like it is!

Smukblog.dk – Another beauty and makeup blog, but one of those I actually want to read.