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Goodiebox vs. LF Beauty Box – February 2015

Hello, lovelies! I know I haven’t been active for a VERY long time, but I’ve had sooo many things to deal with that I just haven’t had the time (I mean, how often do YOU get an ear infection the night before your very first day of school?). I also had some idiot hack my credit card, which means I had to hurry and cancel it, and get a new one. BloggersDelight didn’t get the memo, so instead of sending me a “we couldn’t take the money from your card for your PLUS subscription” (like EVERYONE else does) they decided to just cancel it without a word. Which is why my blog looks like shit right now.

Anyways, this month Goodiebox sent out their box two weeks earlier than usual – because of Valentine’s Day – which means it arrived around the same time as the LF beauty box. So I figured, why not set them up against each other?

We’ll start with the Goodiebox, followed by the LF Beautybox, and then I’ll give you my opinions on each one and which I like the most this time. Fair waring – it’s a super long post, so grab a cup of tea or something.

Goodiebox February 2015

Febryart 2015 Goodiebox

Goodiebox glass nail file – 69 kr

This is produced by Goodiebox itself and even though I haven’t tried it (I bite my nails, Goodiebox, when will you understand?) it seems to be really good. I usually use those disposable ones so a tiny little thing like this, which will fit right in your pocket, seems nice to have if you actually have a use for it 😉

Kueshi Natural & Pleasant Cosmetics Revitalizing Face Toner – 200 ml, 99 kr

The first thing I noticed when I opened my box was the lovely smell of this product. Unfortunately it was because the lid sucks and it was spilled ALL over the box! Everything was soaking wet so bye-bye 1/8 of the product. That aside, the smell is amazing. According to my husband it smells like chewing gum. I have to agree – it really smells like candy, and I’m excited to try it out, even though I don’t really need any more facial toners since I usually only use Eucerin’s facial toner.

Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm – 40 ml, 79.95 kr (sample 4 g)

You all know this by now – I loooove Eucerin. I’m ALWAYS happy to see one of their products in the boxes and this is no exception. Sadly, it’s just a tiny sample but never the less it’s definitely one of the eexciting for me. This is supposed to be good against chapped lips, dry hands, nails… “you name it”, Goodiebox says. I’ve tried it out on my horrible, horrible winter-lips and so far I’m definitely game. It’s very thick so a little product goes a long way and the smell is veeery faint but reminds me a little of chocolate or coconut.

Oolution Check Matte – 30 ml, 299 kr

This is the expensive product of the box. The small 30 ml tube is estimated at around 299 kr, and even though I’m sure you can get it cheaper (hello, UK!) it’s still a pretty hefty price for such little product. The smell is that typical “cream” smell – not exciting but not bad at all. It claims to have 100% ecological ingredients and is supposed to adapt to the individual skin. The red is actually really great and I love that it says, “take risks!”. I’m looking forward to trying this out since it promises a lot.

BelláPierre Cheek & Lip Stain – 149 kr

I was SO excited to see this in the box. I saw a review of this product the other day, and since I’ve really come to like BelláPierre’s products I was a little sad that particular box doesn’t ship to Denmark. But there it was! You can use it as a cheek stain as well as a lip stain, but since I don’t really use such things for the cheeks (read; I don’t want to end up looking like a clown) I’ll only try this product on my lips. I got mine in the color Pink and it does look a lot more pink out of the box than in. It’s got quite some shimmer to it without being glittery, and it’s super creamy which is always nice. Another great hit for this month. I think the packaging is really nice but ALL their products look like this, so it gets confusing having to dig through eye shadows, powders and stuff to get to what you’re actually looking for.

Lookfantastic Beauty Box Febryary 2015

Lookfantastic Beauty Box February 2015

Monu Illuminating Primer SPF 15 – 20 ml, 11.18 GBP (50 ml, 27.95 GBP)

We actually got this in January’s Goodiebox! Not that I mind ’cause I’ve come to the conclusion that we like Monu quite a lot! I have the Monu Recovery Balm from a previous box which I really, really like, so of course I was excited to see this product, albeit it was “again”.

I quite like this product because it doubles as a moisturizer as well as being a primer, and you need to use VERY little product so it will last you a long time. The only downside is that it’s so freaking hard to press a tiny amount out of the bottle, and if (when) you end up squeezing too much out, you can’t really put the rest back.

The packaging is really simple and sophisticated so the only real “problem” is the price; I seriously would never pay THAT much for a freaking primer, but I’m not really a primer kind of person in the first place.

PawPaw Original Balm – 10 ml, 2.78 GBP (fullsize – 25 ml, 6.95 GBP)

Much like the Eucerin Skin Balm, the PawPaw balm is made for a plethora of things – dry lips, for sun burn, as a moisturizer… even to be used as a nappy cream or as a hair conditioner! I’m not sure I would stick this stuff in my hair since it’s REALLY thick and can barely get out of the tube (seriously, I was pressing and pressing, just waiting for it to suddenly splash all over the place) but it feels good on the lips.

I like the logo and I love the name (it just sounds so cute!) but I HATE the freaking tube. It reminds me of those tubes you’d get your lipgloss in when you were 15, and to me it just feels cheap. The yellow is really cool, though, and the product itself is supposedly full of all sort of natural healing qualities, so I’ll definitely be trying this out some more.

Korres Citrus Little Body Milk – 50 ml, 2.50 GBP (200 ml, 10 GBP)

My first reaction to seeing this was, “… oh”. We got a Korres Citrus Shower Gel in a previous box and DAMN, it smelled bad. I have a serious problem with citrus-like smells, they tend to smell like toilet cleaner to me and thus not as something I’d like to put on my face and/or body.

Aaanyways… this one isn’t that bad. It actually smells quite nice and I would use it if it weren’t for the fact that I have a bunch of others I’d much rather use. Honestly, I think this one is going to be passed on.

Moroccanoil Treatment – 25 ml, 13.45 GBP (100 ml, 31.85 GBP)

I must be the only person left who hasn’t tried this yet. It’s not that I don’t want to, I do, it’s just that to me oil is oil, and even olive oil will actually moisturize your hair, so I haven’t been too interested in cashing out for this, especially since I’ve had a storage of hair oils for a reaaally long time. Now that I have it, though, I’m VERY excited to try it out. I’ve been extremely sick and stressed lately which means my hair isn’t really at it’s best condition right now. I’ve been giving it some oil treatments but I have somewhat long hair which means it takes a lot for me to moisturize all of it.

BelláPierre Cosmetics Eyeliner – 14 GBP (sale 5.99 GBP)

I have just been raving about how much I looove BelláPierre… and now I’m about to tell you how I don’t love this product. I was initially very excited with this (you know, seeing as I truly like the brand) and I got it in a very nice midnight blue color, but after swatching it on the hand it just feels so hard and dry that I can’t see how I’d be able to use it. I like my eyeliners to be like me chocolate – creamy. Really sad about it as well since I L.O.V.E. eyeliners to an extreme.

Erno Laszlo Sea Deep Cleansing Bar – 17 g, 5.40 GBP (fullsize – 45 GBP)

I think this is one of those products you either love like crazy or bitch over like crazy. Everyone has had a comment about this in every single review I’ve read on their website.

It’s a sea mud deep cleansing bar made of 97% natural ingredients, supposedly detoxing and hydrating your skin while also gently exfoliating.

So why do people complain? Because the bar we received is TINY. It’s almost impossible to hold, not to mention that after you get it wet, there is nowhere to put it while waiting for it to dry… With that said, I’m NOT complaining about this because honestly, that TINY sample is worth almost 6 pounds. In other words, if you were to purchase the fullsize, you’d have to dish up with 45 pounds. I don’t know about you guys but I’m not born with a silver spoon up my ass, which means I’d never ever get to try this out otherwise.

What I WILL complain about is this: it claims to be good for normal, combination or slightly oily skin. My skin is combination skin but oooooh my God, it’s so drying. Have you ever tried washing your face with an actual bar of soap instead of face wash? You know that very dry feeling it leaves you with, like you can’t even run your hand across your face without it “bumping” over it? Yeah, THAT I would like to complain about.

I’m going to try it out some more but it’s definitely going to be with my moisturizer right next to me. So far? A bit disappointed, though I have to say, it DOES actually clean the face very well, no doubt about that.


To compare, there are upsides and downsides of both boxes.

The upsides of the Goodiebox is that I really like three of the products a lot and the other two are quite okay. The downsides are that it’s always so freaking hard to find shops where you can buy the items. I want to be able to buy the item if I like it, isn’t that kind of the entire point of the box? I also don’t like that they have a habit of exaggerating the “estimated” price at times.

The upsides of the LF Beauty Box is that they’ve started writing how much the sample received in the box, is worth. For instance, if the Eucerin product is a samlpe but Goodiebox only tells you the esitmated fullsize price so you have to sit and do math. We don’t like math. LF Beauty Box tells you how much the samples are worth, making my life a lot easier. Another upside is that the box is worth more than the Goodiebox and it almost always is, and there’s an extra product compared to the Goodiebox. The downside is that while the box is definitely nice, it’s just not super exciting.

IN TOTAL I would have to say that while in general I prefer the Lookfantastic Beauty Box (because they almost always have better quality products) this particular time I’m giving the win to Goodiebox; the BelláPierre Lip Stain and the Oolution Check Matte are just way more interesting that the Moroccanoil and the Monu I already have.

My top 3 products this time:
* Oolution Check Matte
* BelláPierre Cheek & Lip Stain
* Moroccanoil Treatment

My 3 least favorite products:
* Goodiebox nail file
* Korres Citrus Little Body Milk
* BelláPierre Cosmetics Eyeliner

What do you think about the boxes? Which one do you prefer? I’d love to hear from you (:

Nothing is sponsored.

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Valentine’s Day and why I don’t celebrate it


I never really liked Valentine’s day. Not because I thought it sucked being single (really, I think it’s great – entire pizza to yourself, don’t have to shave your legs, can fangirl as much as you want without your better half looking at you like he’s considering getting you locked up… ) but because I just don’t get it.

Think about it; this super random day is THE day to show your love to your better half/the girl you’ve been trying to woo for three months now, by spending all your money on half-decent chocolate, über expensive jewelry she’ll probably exchange the next day, and flowers that will die by the end of the week. Why?

Isn’t it better to celebrate your love (or being in love) every day? Now, we do have a toddler so it’s not like we can gaze into each others eyes and talk for hours every day. A lot of it is diapers, what to have for dinner, and “GOD, STOP TOUCHING THAT, YOU’LL ELECTROCUTE YOURSELF!” shouting. But we always make time for each other, in each our way. Hubby takes the kid every single morning so that I can sleep. Granted, I’ve been sick for 2 1/2 years so sleep is very important for me, otherwise I just don’t function, but EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. That’s quite something. He takes the smelly diapers (note to self: keep husband forever) and buys me my favorite chocolate just because. He tells me I look gorgeous (even when I soooo clearly don’t) and puts up with my immense talking even when he doesn’t care about the subject.

That’s the kind of love I want, not for him to feel forced to buy me stuff on a random, specific day. Hell, I don’t even expect gifts for our anniversary or wedding anniversary; I just want to spend the day doing something nice together, if it’s possible.

So, to everyone who does celebrate Valentine’s day – consider swapping the gift and the flowers out with a nice homemade dinner and a two hour talk. Or at least add it TO the gift. It means much, much more when it’s genuine. If you must give a gift, try giving something that your better half really wants. No matter if it’s a perfume, a book, a pair of socks… showing you actually listen when they talk is a 100 times better than getting a pair of earrings you’ll be exchanging tomorrow.

And to everyone who is single and feeling sad they don’t have anyone to celebrate it with? Buy yourself some really good chocolate, some nice tea, perhaps a new snuggly blanket, and enjoy that you can watch the Hell out of your favorite show without anyone trying to claim the remote 😉

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December 2014 Update

It’s been almost a month since my last update. We’ve been through pneumonia, sore throats, eye infections and a bunch of other not-so-interesting things (like someone hacking my eBay account and stealing 2.500 kr from me, then Bloggers Delight just stopping my PLUS subscription because I had to cancel my old card and get a new…).

But December’s still been neat; I made 4 advent calendars (as in, 96 gifts wrapped minus the few from eBay that never came despite being ordered in October!) and my son has enjoyed his very first calendar, and so have we; we’ve started watching The Walking Dead (well, for me it’s re-watching right now since I watched the first 2 seasons a while ago), celebrated my 22nd birthday and went to see The Hobbit (on my birthday, booyah!), so all in all, a very good month so far.

Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Christmas with my husband’s sister and her family. They’re really nice people but it’ll be SUCH a hassle getting back and forth with 300.000 gifts, a stroller, a weekend bed and a kid – with Fynbus. I really hope it goes smoothly. Having to wake up my kid at 10 pm to drag him out into the cold and then on a bus in a stroller is NOT my idea of fun. But I’m sure we’ll all enjoy the evening so I’m just trying to focus on that.

For my birthday I got a zombie mug, a Zombies Hate book, Harry’s wand, new speakers, a pot (yes, a pot – I REALLY needed a bigger one) and money. I’m veeeery pleased with my gifts and getting told that my Christmas gifts are even better isn’t making it any easier to wait until tomorrow! 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends!


If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

50% off – Makeup & Kid’s Stuff

For the first time in ages, I just bought something really nice for myself. Granted, I do buy a lot of stuff but usually I buy the cheap versions of everything because while I like buying stuff, I also hate spending my money. They like to live in my bank account for as long as possible (:

Still, I just got the best e-mail (well, for me, not for them) that Bulderbasserne.dk are closing down so everything is 50% off! They have a few really neat things left, included a lot of Disney figurines. It’s really too bad that we don’t have anymore room for things like that right now.

As a bonus, they added in the mail that they are closing down their other web-shop as well, Divalounge.dk, which also has 50% off! Usually I’m not that interested in Danish sales and procentages sicne I buy my stuff much cheaper elsewhere (Hello, eBay and FragranceDirecte) but usually I’m also not very into buying specific and/or expensive brands. Well, since I tried INK by Dennis Knudsen in a Goodiebox, I’ve been in complete love with their Perfect Stay Lipsticks – and Divalounge has them! So I went ahead and bought Coral and Terracotta for 234,- in total, including delivery.

TeracottaTerracotta – a wonderful shade

They have a lot of other brands as well, though. If I didn’t bite my nails I’d love to get this one:

CitateMerry Christmas to you!

It’s the Citaté Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar 2014. Originally it was 595,- but now it’s 297.50,- I think that’s quite a lot of money to save and you get a lot to play around with.

This is in no way sponsored, everything is my own opinion. I just wanted to share a great offer with you guys (:

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

Lookfantastic Beautybox #November edtion!

It’s finally here! And better than ever! Okay, so I’ve only gotten two so far, but they’ve been great. The last one had a lot of anti-aging products which really isn’t my cup of tea, but they were definitely quality products and my mother will be getting some really nice advent gifts ;)

So, what about this one? Well, for me, it’s a 100 times better! If you want to see what’s in the box, click through the read-more.


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eBay Christmas Gifts Random Edition!

I’m not really good at coming up with titles for my posts, have you noticed? But really, this is a random edition of the eBay Christmas posts. It’s the odds and ends that didn’t fit anywhere else, so I just put them together.

Let’s see what we have, shall we?

eBay_random.jpgA mish-mash of wonderful things

Eyeshadow palette, 5.45 GBP
Marine watch, 0.99 GBP
Cow egg cup, 4.86 GBP
Fox bag, 8.68 GBP
Tree pillowcase, 3.85 GBP
Book storage, 3.95 GBP
Christmas cookie jar, 2.59 GBP
Journal, 3.21 GBP
Love picture frame, 1.35 GBP

The cookie jar makes for an excellent homemade gift if you know how to bake Christmas cookies (which I sadly don’t). The tree pillow comes in four different designs, one for each season, but this one is my personal favorite. The “secret” book storage is a neat little addition to a living room (for keys, pills, etc.) while the love frame goes for pretty much anyone on your wish list, as long as you have a picture to go in it.

I don’t wear watches at all but I would definitely buy this one, I just love it. And the price is so low that I think it would make for a great extra gift for a sister or a friend. My personal favorites are the journals, however – I think those would be a gift for myself 😉

I hope you’ve gotten some inspiration from these posts. I would love to hear if you’ve bought any of this! (:

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

eBay – Christmas Gifts Fandom Edition!

As promised, here are some more gift ideas from eBay. This round is fandom related and definitely big hits for the people who belong to these fandoms (such as myself, for instance – feel free to buy me all of this, someone 😉 )

eBay_Fandom.jpgFandoms – unite!

Harry Potter Dumbledore’s Wand, 3.99 GBP
Tardis mug, 9.89 GBP
Soda lip balms, 12.00 GBP
Superman hoodie, 3.99 GBP
Doctor Who egg cups, 19.99 GBP
Mickey Mouse hoodie, 5.44 GBP
Batman pillowcase, 6.99 GBP
Doctor Who bowtie hair clips, 8.85 GBP
Superman pillowcase, 6.99 GBP

Again, these are all things I’d like to own myself, or someone I know would like to have. The Tardis mug comes in two variations with the Tardis, as well as one with a Dalek and one with a Cyberman. I’ve ordered one of those and they are excellent quality. The wands also come in different types if anyone wants to collect more of them (again, hello!) and I think they Batman/Superman pillowcases are great for the living room – they are extremely cool but not childish in any way. Though I much prefer the pillowcases from last post.

Is there anything here you would buy? I can’t decide which one I would like the most!

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

eBay – Christmas Gifts Kids Edition!

It’s Christmas! Okay, okay, it’s not – yet. And I promise, I’m not one of those crazy people who start decorating in the middle of August. I am, however, one of those crazy people who look for gifts all year long because it’s much cheaper that way – buying Christmas gifts during the January sale is not a bad idea. It’s also not a bad idea to buy some of your gifts from eBay. The only problem with eBay is that you can’t wait until last minute, so 6 weeks before Christmas is the very least I’d suggest buying gifts from the Asian sellers on eBay – the ones from the US and UK usually ship much faster.

So, what did I find? Well, I won’t show you any of the things I ended up buying (so I don’t ruin the surprises) but I will show you some of the things I considered. This post it’s all about the kids!

eBay_Kids.jpgApparently I love Mickey so much I had to include him twice 😉

Mickey Mouse mug, 12.90 GBP
Owl clock, 2.95 GPB
Mickey Mouse figurine, 4.40 GBP
EVA Foam Bricks, 6.62 GBP
Iron Man pillow case, 4.59 GBP
Funky fridge magnets, 0.54 GBP
Animal learning cards, 2.95 GBP
Kitchen play set, 4.46 GBP

I like all of these things for various reasons. I looove Disney, especially Mickey Mouse, so those gifts can actually be good for adults, too 😉 The Mickey figurine is actually a collect-them-all with a lot of Disney figurines – if you notice, the black thing behind him is one of those movie reels, and when you combine them, you have an entire move reel from the first movie to some of the newest!

The Iron Man pillow case comes in Spiderman and Batman, too, so it’s really neat for any superhero-crazy kid’s room. Or, in our case, or living room… The foam bricks I’ve ordered today, as a last minute thing, because he’s just started showing interest in building blocks.

Mom builds – he destroys and laughs. That’s how it works.

Have you bought gifts yet? (:

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Harry Potter and You Read It HOW Many Times?

WARNING – this will be long. If you intend to read it all, I suggest you go get yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee 😉

Despite what people might think when reading my blog, I’m actually not a hair-and-makeup kind of girl. Sure, I like playing around with makeup, but that’s mainly because I’ve always been fascinating by everything that can be created and altered – paintings, drawings, collages, rearranging the furniture in the living room… It doesn’t really matter what it is, I just see most things as a blank canvas that I can’t leave untouched.

I definitely can leave my face untouched, I actually like the way I look most of the time. Yes, I definitely feel ugly and disgusting at times, but most of us do. But for most of the time, I like my face. I mean, it’s my face, you know? It’s hard not to like it after so many years 😉 Hell, I once went to the store in my husbands t-shirt and boxers – and nothing else. Because that’s how little I care about people’s opinions. But after getting sick, I started feeling really ugly and like I just HAD to wear make-up, which is why I ended up with owning so much.

I also ended up with a lot of unread books, which is what my point of this (already long) post is. I’m not an omg-my-nail-broke kind of girl. I’m the I’ll-just-read-one-more-chapter-oh-look-it’s-morning kind of girl. Or well, I was. Being sick takes its toll on you and everything fun you used to do just goes straight out the window when you need help to just sit up. Luckily, I’ve been feeling better and better lately, and although still sick, I can do things again and I feel like doing them, most of all. I wear out quickly and I have a son who demands a lot of attention, but I still manage to do a little work in my Wreck This Journal or, occasionally, read.

HPThanks to my brother, I own one of these beauties!

Yesterday I did what I always do – read Harry Potter. I’ve read the first four books many more times than I think any of your would ever guess 😉 (maybe I should make it a giveaway or something – the one who guesses, wins). I won’t tell you since it sounds like bragging, but I really love Harry Potter like a crazy person. The 5th I’ve only read twice and the 6th once, but it came out in the middle of exams and moving out for me to focus on books. This of course made me think that I should probably start reading some more. I miss it. A lot, even. When you usually read 5-6 books a week, reading two books in two years is cause for crying. I’m just having so many issues with deciding what to read or when to do it, that I can’t seem to get anywhere. So I choose Harry Potter, like I always do.

I have a Goodreads account (which I haven’t used for ages) which I’m thinking about trying to remember again. I think it’ a nice way of keeping track of your book and what you’ve read and want to read. Plus, I like buying new books and using the scanner because I’m a child 😀 Feel free to add me if you wish.

Also, I should really get my Wreck This Journal uploaded soon – it’s not finished yet but 90% of the book is done and it would be fun to show you guys.

How often do you read? What are your favorite books – or on your “to read” list? I could always use some inspiration 😉

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

Shop My Stash review – Bourjois Elastic Mascara


Bourjois Mascara Elastic

The full mascara

Bourjois Mascara Elastic

What it looks like, a very funky shape

Bourjois Mascara Elastic

Close-up of the applicator wand

Bourjois Mascara Elastic Swatch

To the left, with mascara; to the right, without

The packaging: I love the packaging! I think it’s a very funky shaped container while still looking down to earth and nice. I was worried that it would be difficult to hold it while applying but it’s really no problem at all.

The applicator wand is pretty standard – straight and with tiny brush… thingies? (excuse me, I can’t remember words in this heat) made of plastic. It’s fine and works.

The smell: The mascara smells like mascara, I assume. Nothing too fancy but it doesn’t smell weird and chemical like some mascaras tend to do.

The texture: It’s a very, very wet mascara and you definitely need to be careful when applying it. As you can see on the picture, I got some smudge above my eye and some on my lower lashes even though I only blinked. So if you’re in a hurry I would recommend choosing a different mascara or do your very best not to blink or look down for a good few minutes.

The price: You can get the Bourjois Elastic Mascara for 34 kr at parfume-klik.dk (retail price 100 kr) or for 1.99 pounds at FragranceDirect, where the retail price is 9.49 pounds.

Does it work? It works but it’s not my favorite. I like it for elongating the lashes but using it on it’s own, without curling your lashes (like in the picture above) doesn’t give the best effect on my lashes. I do tend to use it on top of my other mascaras because I get the long lashes but they don’t stick together.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars. The only downside is that it’s too wet and sticks the lashes together but it’s also a big downside, thus the 3.5 stars. But if used on top of another mascara it’s really good and I do use it almost every day.

Have you tried this? What’s your favorite mascara?


Nothing is sponsored and all pictures and opinions are my own.

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Shop My Stash review – Manhattan Cover Stick Concealer

Manhattan Clearface Cover Stick 76

This is what the old packaging looks like

Manhattan Clearface Cover Stick Sand 76

The core provides the anti-bacterial properties.

Manhattan Clearface Cover Stick 76 Swatches

Swatch of the product – on the left, it’s slightly blended, on the right it’s just put on.

A 100 years ago I did a “Shop My Stash” project but kind of failed – maybe? I combined it with a no-buy but that didn’t work out all that well, although I haven’t actually bought many things – only a very few, and only things I needed/didn’t already have.

But even though I didn’t get around to using up all the products from the list, I’ve actually used some of them quite a lot. This cover stick is something I use every day now. So, let’s get to it.

The packaging: Like the powder, the cover stick has had an upgrade as well. The new packaging looks a little fresher and the colors are different, but the product is pretty much the same. The old packaging, which I have, is admittedly a little dull but nothing you think about while using the products, since most of us apply cover-products in the morning, at home.

The smell: It doesn’t really have much of a smell, definitely not something you notice anyways.

The texture: It’s got a creamy texture though a little “dry” which I think it’s great if you have oily skin. I often have problems with applying too moisturizing products when my skin is oily so it’s definitely a big plus for me. Even though it’s creamy it dries up/sets quickly which means you don’t have to wait forever to continue with your routine.

The price: The new cover looks a bit better but the product is essentially the same, so if you want to save a good chunk of money, I’d recommend buying from FragranceDirect for 0.99 punds – they only have Sand (76) left, though. If you want the new packaging, it can be found at Matas for 69,95 kr.

Does it work? It works, definitely. Even though I use Vanilla (70) for the powder, I have the Sand (76) cover stick because I have very bad redness under my eyes due to anemia. The coverage is good, although I think it would be much better for someone with less redness under the eyes. I get semi-coverage but the powder helps it look much better. I use this product every day, so I definitely like it.

Rating: 4/5 stars. The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is that the coverage simply isn’t 100% when you have the problems I have. If I had “normal” bags under my eyes this would definitely do wonders.

Have you tried this? What do you think?


Nothing is sponsored and all pictures and opinions are my own (:

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eBay Clutch Edition!

I’ve been using eBay a lot these days, having to buy advent calendar gifts and Christmas gifts for four people (That’s 96 advent calendar gifts, people! They’re not all from eBay though ;)) which of course means I’ve also found some things I’d personally like to own.

This post it’s all about clutches (or wallets, handbags, whatever you wish to call them) since my wallet is 100 years old and not very useful when you have 300 club member cards to everything from Matas to Fætter BR.

Screen Shot 10-28-14 at 08.15 PMFrom the top left:

Red & Black clutch, 5.68 GBP (54 kr) for the middle-sized, 6.38 GBP (60 kr) for the longer.

Blue Sequenced clutch & Red Sequenced clutch, 1.26 GBP (12 kr)

Moustache wallet, 2.76 GBP (26 kr)

Red clutch, 3.66 GBP (34,5 kr)

Striped colored clutch, 1.59 GBP (15 kr)

I like the all (of course) but I think my favorites are the tree on the right – red, moustache and striped. Even if I bought all of them, it would only be around 53 kr, which I think is completely doable.

Which ones are your favorites? Would you buy any of these? (:

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com