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eBay – Christmas Gifts Kids Edition!

It’s Christmas! Okay, okay, it’s not – yet. And I promise, I’m not one of those crazy people who start decorating in the middle of August. I am, however, one of those crazy people who look for gifts all year long because it’s much cheaper that way – buying Christmas gifts during the January sale is not a bad idea. It’s also not a bad idea to buy some of your gifts from eBay. The only problem with eBay is that you can’t wait until last minute, so 6 weeks before Christmas is the very least I’d suggest buying gifts from the Asian sellers on eBay – the ones from the US and UK usually ship much faster.

So, what did I find? Well, I won’t show you any of the things I ended up buying (so I don’t ruin the surprises) but I will show you some of the things I considered. This post it’s all about the kids!

eBay_Kids.jpgApparently I love Mickey so much I had to include him twice 😉

Mickey Mouse mug, 12.90 GBP
Owl clock, 2.95 GPB
Mickey Mouse figurine, 4.40 GBP
EVA Foam Bricks, 6.62 GBP
Iron Man pillow case, 4.59 GBP
Funky fridge magnets, 0.54 GBP
Animal learning cards, 2.95 GBP
Kitchen play set, 4.46 GBP

I like all of these things for various reasons. I looove Disney, especially Mickey Mouse, so those gifts can actually be good for adults, too 😉 The Mickey figurine is actually a collect-them-all with a lot of Disney figurines – if you notice, the black thing behind him is one of those movie reels, and when you combine them, you have an entire move reel from the first movie to some of the newest!

The Iron Man pillow case comes in Spiderman and Batman, too, so it’s really neat for any superhero-crazy kid’s room. Or, in our case, or living room… The foam bricks I’ve ordered today, as a last minute thing, because he’s just started showing interest in building blocks.

Mom builds – he destroys and laughs. That’s how it works.

Have you bought gifts yet? (:

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Shop My Stash review – Manhattan Cover Stick Concealer

Manhattan Clearface Cover Stick 76

This is what the old packaging looks like

Manhattan Clearface Cover Stick Sand 76

The core provides the anti-bacterial properties.

Manhattan Clearface Cover Stick 76 Swatches

Swatch of the product – on the left, it’s slightly blended, on the right it’s just put on.

A 100 years ago I did a “Shop My Stash” project but kind of failed – maybe? I combined it with a no-buy but that didn’t work out all that well, although I haven’t actually bought many things – only a very few, and only things I needed/didn’t already have.

But even though I didn’t get around to using up all the products from the list, I’ve actually used some of them quite a lot. This cover stick is something I use every day now. So, let’s get to it.

The packaging: Like the powder, the cover stick has had an upgrade as well. The new packaging looks a little fresher and the colors are different, but the product is pretty much the same. The old packaging, which I have, is admittedly a little dull but nothing you think about while using the products, since most of us apply cover-products in the morning, at home.

The smell: It doesn’t really have much of a smell, definitely not something you notice anyways.

The texture: It’s got a creamy texture though a little “dry” which I think it’s great if you have oily skin. I often have problems with applying too moisturizing products when my skin is oily so it’s definitely a big plus for me. Even though it’s creamy it dries up/sets quickly which means you don’t have to wait forever to continue with your routine.

The price: The new cover looks a bit better but the product is essentially the same, so if you want to save a good chunk of money, I’d recommend buying from FragranceDirect for 0.99 punds – they only have Sand (76) left, though. If you want the new packaging, it can be found at Matas for 69,95 kr.

Does it work? It works, definitely. Even though I use Vanilla (70) for the powder, I have the Sand (76) cover stick because I have very bad redness under my eyes due to anemia. The coverage is good, although I think it would be much better for someone with less redness under the eyes. I get semi-coverage but the powder helps it look much better. I use this product every day, so I definitely like it.

Rating: 4/5 stars. The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is that the coverage simply isn’t 100% when you have the problems I have. If I had “normal” bags under my eyes this would definitely do wonders.

Have you tried this? What do you think?


Nothing is sponsored and all pictures and opinions are my own (:

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eBay Clutch Edition!

I’ve been using eBay a lot these days, having to buy advent calendar gifts and Christmas gifts for four people (That’s 96 advent calendar gifts, people! They’re not all from eBay though ;)) which of course means I’ve also found some things I’d personally like to own.

This post it’s all about clutches (or wallets, handbags, whatever you wish to call them) since my wallet is 100 years old and not very useful when you have 300 club member cards to everything from Matas to Fætter BR.

Screen Shot 10-28-14 at 08.15 PMFrom the top left:

Red & Black clutch, 5.68 GBP (54 kr) for the middle-sized, 6.38 GBP (60 kr) for the longer.

Blue Sequenced clutch & Red Sequenced clutch, 1.26 GBP (12 kr)

Moustache wallet, 2.76 GBP (26 kr)

Red clutch, 3.66 GBP (34,5 kr)

Striped colored clutch, 1.59 GBP (15 kr)

I like the all (of course) but I think my favorites are the tree on the right – red, moustache and striped. Even if I bought all of them, it would only be around 53 kr, which I think is completely doable.

Which ones are your favorites? Would you buy any of these? (:

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Still not in a bad mood

I’ll make this post short.

1. My laptop blue-screens every 10-15 minutes. Which is nice. So nice.

2. I’ve had a high fever and been sick for a week. A few days where I was okay, and then queue Noro-virus for three days! Yesterday it finally stopped completely (as in, I can actually almost EAT now!) and I woke up this morning with a horrible cold. I have so much trouble breathing that my eyes are tearing up. My doctor can’t see me until Tuesday. I very well may get kicked out of school by then (you know, seeing as the don’t give a shit that I’ve only been sick for around a total of 15 days now. Fucking 15 days!) but I’ve reached a point where I don’t care.

3. We ordered some wooden playfood for our son for Christmas. Almost all of it has small marks, either paints where it shouldn’t be or scratches in the pain. They got a not-so-happy e-mail.

4. I’m not really even in a bad mood. On the contrary, being home sick for the past few weeks has given me lots of time to sleep, to play with my kid, to make proper dinner that doesn’t consist of having pasta four times a week… AND I now have a doctor who’s actually taking me seriously enough to run test and find out why I’m sick all the time. YAY!

Because of the throwing-up-so-much-that-foam-came-out (yes, that actually happens when you run out of bile… delicious, I know) we shipped the kid of to grandma at watched an entire season of Resurrection – which is highly recommended! In a few minutes we’ll continue watching Psych, we’re almost through season 6.

Psych pineapple metalbeast114 deviantart

This is adorable! 😀 Found it on Metalbeast114’s Deviant art – check it out 😉


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LookFantastic Beauty Box October!


It’s finally here! The LookFantastic Beauty Box! I wanted to order the September one but didn’t want to do it over my phone before bed – and next day it was sold out. So when the October box got available, I pre-ordered it as fast as I could. And before it arrived, the November box got available – so I pre-ordered that one as well, not knowing if I’d like the boxes or hate them.

So, what’s in there and what do I think?


If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com