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Yup, I won another giveaway a month or so back, but apparently there were some communication error because I had to write an e-mail to the company and ask. They were very nice and sweet, promised they would send it right away and this came in the mail today!

DSC_0053 Rawr!

It’s a super awesome set from Beatrix New York with motives of Alister and Percival, Alister being the dino on the lunchbox and Percival the dino on the trolley and the backpack. There was also an iPad sleeve but I didn’t get a picture of that because it just wouldn’t stand up (!) so you’re going to have to live without 😉

I love the dinoes, the color and most importantly the quality! It’s great for the upcoming summer vacation (yes, I’m WAY ahead in time, I know) and of course it’s going to be very useful when my son starts daycare, so we’re very pleased at home! (:

I’m almost a little envious even though I have a very neat read and black trolley which I love 😉

What do you think about the dinoes? Do you have an awesome travel bag/trolley? 


This post is in no way sponsored – I’m just a very pleased and happy winner who wants to share a tip about quality products with my readers 😉

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

Review – A-Derma Sensifluid Cleansing Oil

I got this product in January’s Goodiebox and was of course excited to try it out. It’s a soap-free cleansing oil which is supposed to cleans your face while having a calming effect for the skin.

Review1 Fullsize, 250 ml – 129,50 kr

I have pretty sensetive skin, especially on my face, so by all means A-Derma should be one of my favorite things. It promises so much with special ingredients, no parabense to irritate your skin, etc.

However, I have to say that I’ve found out why my skin got so irritated when I tried out the Goodiebox products for the first time. Because of this!

It feels sticky and thick to smear out on your face and you really need to use a lot of product to cover your entire face. As soon as I rinse, my face starts burning! No cleanser, especially not one that boasts of no parabenes or things that irritates your skin, should make your skin burn! It also makes me break out instantly, which isn’t exactly what I need or want.

As a “bonus”, it leaves my face incredibly dry and tight and uncomfortable to touch. I think I would have better luck using my hand soap to rinse my face. The price is way too expensive for such a product and it has a sort of unpleasant smell.

I’ve noticed that every time I’ve tried an A-Derma product, something similar has happened. Apparently my skin just doesn’t like that brand.

– Absolutely none for me

– Makes skin irritated
– Causes break-outs
– Not a good consistency, hard to use
– Not a good smell
– Price

All in all, I’ll give this product 0/5 stars because unfortunately there’s absolutely nothing that I like about this product. It’s not just neutral, I actually very much dislike it. So no, I can’t recommend this.

However, keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different so what works/doesn’t work for me isn’t necessarily the same for you.

Have you tried this product? What did you think?


As usual, nothing is sponsored and everything is bought by me, and is my own opinion (:

Review – Coconut Body Butter from The Body Shop

The second-last Body Shop review for now – we’ve almost reached the end!

This time it’s all about the Coconut Body Butter!

Body Shop Body Butter 1

I haven’t had time to take a picture so you’ll have to settle with this one.

The Body Shop’s body butters are a favorite for many people and for good reason; they have a nice consistency, they smell nice and they actually make your skin feel moist and soft. Like with everything else, I’m in love with the coconut smell and I use the body butter after showering and through the day as a hand cream. It actually smells like sweet coconut and not just “coconut scented” – i.e. artificial, fake smell that nobody likes. As a bonus, the smell last for a good, long time.

It’s a half-way thick consistency so it absorbs faster if you use it on damp skin (like after the shower) but it doesn’t take more than half a minute for it to absorb into dry skin. I guess it depends on how dry and damaged your skin is.

My absolute favorite thing beside the smell is that it makes the redness and itchiness I get after shaving left (I have very sensitive skin) go completely away!

I’m not making a “pros and cons” this time since there are simply no cons!

You can get it at The Body Shop in different sizes; the standard sized 200 ml for 165 kr and the XL sized 300 ml for 200 kr (now on sale for 100 kr)


I bought these products myself, nothing is sponsored and I get nothing for reviewing them (:

Review – Gosh Light’N’Shine Lip Glaze


I got this lip-gloss in my Goodiebox and I’ll be the first to admit, lip-gloss isn’t my favorite thing. Most of the time it looks sooo tacky and it gets so sticky it’s just not pleasant.

However, this one actually surprised me! I love the color (I’m a huge fan of purple) and I find it to be less sticky than most lip-glosses I’ve tried. It gives a really neat shine to your lips while looking very nice and very acceptable for a grown person, which is to say, no glitter or overly shiny glare.

This lip-gloss can easily be used for everyday make-up as well as a party. I especially love it because I don’t have to compromise with my eye make-up in order to wear it since the color – despite being purple – is a very soft and delicate, yet rich color.

It’s available in a few different colors if purple isn’t your thing. It also stays on for a nice amount of time and gives a nice color without it being over the top. The consistency is a little thick but in a way I really like. It doesn’t run like many glosses do and you don’t feel like your lips are wet and sticky in any way.

The packaging is nice at first glance. There’s a little mirror to use while putting on the lip-gloss and, when you screw it open, you get a bright light from the top! Super fancy and made with parties and nights out in mind, I’m sure.

However, it just doesn’t work in real life. You can’t use the light to brighten the mirror in the dark anyway, and during the day you don’t need the light. For me it’s just really annoying because it shines right into my eyes when I try to put gloss on my upper lip. The mirror is probably handy for those who can’t put on lip-gloss without but I don’t find it to be difficult so I can’t use it for much. It’s nice if you want to check your make-up but my phone works just as well.

The size is a normal lip-gloss size that fits in your purse. You can get it for 89,95 kr in Matas. This particular color is 102.

– Nice colors to choose from
– Isn’t sticky
– Handy mirror for those who need it
– Rich color without being over the top
– Usable for everyday and party
– Nice-looking packaging

– The light is very blinding and very disturbing
– To me, the mirror doesn’t really do justice
– A little pricey on an SU budget

All in all, I would give it 3.5/5. I really like the gloss itself and have no problems with the actual product. However, since the product is marketed as “Light’N’Shine” under the concept of having a working light and mirror, I can’t give it full points since you simply just don’t get what the offer.

But all in all, recommendable and definitely worth trying out (:


Product review – Coconut & Chocomania Lip Butters from The Body Shop


I finally decided to try out the lip butters from Body Shop because even though they’re a little pricey, I figured they’d be good.

As I told you before, I ordered the Coconut Lip Butter and the Chocomania Lip Butter. I was a little “nervous” about the Chocomania one because their other Chocomania products smell a little too much of chocolate, in my opinion. Maybe I was just having a bad day when I smelled them.

I’ve tried both of them out and the verdict is… excellence!

The Coconut one smells very faintly of coconut, a little sad because I love the smell and was hoping for a bit stronger scent. But it gets better when you use it a little more than just the first time. The taste is a little weird; not exactly bad but not something you want to taste more than necessary. My favorite part is the consistency of the product, it’s a bit oily but creamy at the same time, and it makes your lips feel nice and soft for a long time.

The Chocomania one smells soooo nice, like chocolate fudge! My first instinct was to eat it, but I decided to just use it as lip butter instead, and it works perfectly fine. Same consistency and results as the other one, only it tastes a little less weird.

I would definitely recommend these, and you can get them at The Body Shop for 60 kr pr. butter (Coconut and Chocomania)

What’s your opinion of them? Nailed or fail?


Just FYI, I don’t get anything from The Body Shop by mentioning them here, these products are bought and paid for by me.

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