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The Flu and The Wedding

Once again I managed to go an entire week without posting. It’s not because I don’t like you guys, really, but I’ve just been at that stage of sick where you’re not really 100% sick, but still feel sick enough for you to be unable to do anything productive. I’ve missed 2 days of school this week and I HATE myself for not being able to go today because we were supposed to make to different types of pancakes, vanilla parfait, and lamb with dill sauce, shrimps and potatoes! That’s sounds more or less like Heaven to me!

Instead, I get to sit at home and be sick. Woho. “At least” I get to spend the evening alone without my son and boyfriend. I was actually looking forward to that a little (because it made it possible for me to geek out to various TV shows) but now I really don’t feel it anymore.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to babysit… how unpractical is that? But they reeaaaally deserve a baby-free night and their kid is SO quiet and easy, it won’t be a problem at all.

And next Saturday we’re getting married, but it’s a super informal wedding (I seriously considered if showing up in jogging pants would be okay) with just some coffee and cake and hopefully good weather since we’re getting wed outside!

None of use are very romantic like that so it’s just to have a nice day and “get it over with” since we’re not and won’t ever be saving up for a huge wedding with the big, white dress, church, etc. so there’s really no point in waiting, we decided 😉

What have you guys been up to? (:

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Migraines and Burgers

So, today? Not a good day.

Yesterday I had a migraine, so I went to bed early. At 3 am I woke up so dizzy I thought I was on a ship. You know when you just drink WAY too much and everything is spinning and spinning when you’re trying to sleep? Well, it was exactly like that. I was extremely nauseated and couldn’t even close my eyes without making it worse. So off we went to the bathroom. TMI time: green bile is really, really disgusting to throw up. In case anyone wanted to know.

This morning I was supposed to get up at 6.45 to make it to school, which sadly didn’t happen. I still can’t even stand up without my legs giving up under me so it’s going to be a very boring day.

But except for the migraine, school is AWESOME! I have never in my life been this excited about school; the class is amazing, people are super nice, and even though we’ve only been in the kitchen once so far, it was amazing. We made burgers, individually, and homemade mayo. Mine was a tiny bit too sour because we used a different mustard than what we do at home, but completely edible. The beef was a-m-a-z-i-n-g and I was sooo sad that I wasn’t hungry enough to eat it all because it was delicious!

My burger homemade

My delicious burger!

The potatoes were actually good, too, even though I did forget about them for too long while I was trying to explain to the others how to make mayonnaise. Still, they were completely fine and just the way I like them 😉

I’m over halfway through my Wreck This Journal and have bought a box-set of 4 Keri Smith books – Wreck This Journal, Mess, The Scavenger, and This Is Not A Book – and I’m hoping to show you some of the pages soon. We’ve also finally bought our son a play-kitchen which I started spray painting the other day. You know, 5 minutes before it started raining for the first time in a month. Because such is my luck.

What have you guys been up to? Have you started school yet?

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

WIN prices for over 15.000 kr (and help 29 kids while you’re at it)

Today I was going to write about the awesome burger I made during yesterday’s evaluation (aka. first day in kitchen) and about Zenji (because they’re actually extremely awesome) but instead I’ll push that post a few days to tell you this.

DINNødhjælp (in English YourAID) is a Danish organisation (no, don’t run away, please just stay for 5 minutes, I’ll make it quick) who helps children in Afrika who have been shunned from their families and villages for various reasons – most of these include the child being accused of being a witch (!) and blaming them for random sh*t like “the corn didn’t grow, you’re a witch, you must die”. Stupidity at its highest, really.

DNCopyright belongs to DINNødhjælp

But the people behind DINNødhjælp actually help these kids. They make sure to fix all the paperwork while the kid is transferred to the children’s home where 29 kids currently reside. Some of these kids aren’t older than 2-3 years. I can’t imagine my son (who’s currently 14 months) be out on the streets, alone, beaten up, hungry… And I seriously hope people who do this and people who think it’s okay get their balls chopped off.

The prices

But I promised a 15.000 kr price you could win, right? If you head over to Andentilhøjre.dk, you can be part of the competition/giveaway as well as read a lot more about the organisation and what they do. A lot of different companies have donated very awesome things in order to create this giveaway and raise awareness. You can also find them on facebook where they post a lot of useful information as well as pictures so you can see where the money is spent.

Should you wish to donate, you can do so here, but it’s in no way mandatory in order to be part of the giveaway.

And please do share on facebook, twitter and your blog! Thank you! (:

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

My first day of school and personal posts

Good things about today:

– I had my first day of my new school and it was excellent. Awesome people, amazing subject and most of all, I’m so excited about finally doing something I really have a passion for that I can’t stop blabbing about it!

– I got to see squirrels in real life! (yes, I know they’re fairly common but I haven’t ever seen one that hasn’t been on TV, so I’m way more excited than I should be)

Bad things about today:

– It’s 8.000 degrees outside. My head is dying slowly but painfully and I can’t get a grip to do anything useful or productive in any way.

– I didn’t bring my keys with me, knowing my boyfriend would be home. Boyfriend decided to go to the store while I was sitting in the bus, thinking he could make it. He couldn’t. Sweaty, overheated and needing to pee, I wasn’t amused.

I thought it would be much harder to get up early in the mornings. Even though I have a kid, my boyfriend takes him in the morning because I’ve been very tired due to my sickness so that worked best for us – he took the kid, I slept and took care of dinner and cleaning. Now I have to take two buses to get there (and two to get back, sigh – it was so much easier when I lived a 20 min. walk from my school) which means I have to get up painfully early. I’m just not a morning person and never will be, so combined with the heat and the sickness still taking it’s toll, it will be a challenge. Still, I’m so excited about this that I don’t even care about getting up early, it’s that awesome.

I’d also like to know what you think about these kind of personal posts where it’s not all just about makeup and products? I love blabbing about anything and everything but I’ve just had a phase with makeup-obsession and no freetime so it shone through in my posts. Now that I’m actually starting up again and feeling the energy return, I’m thinking a few more personal posts would be good to, yeah?

Not that I can imagine why my life would be interesting to anyone but I think most of us feel that way once in a while. At least I know I love reading people’s personal posts and I love writing about other stuff than just makeup, too, so maybe we should give it a try.

What do you think? Yay or nay for more personal posts?

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com


I’m amazed at all of us for surviving this crazy heat. Did you know they say it’s rekordbreaking? Hottest summer in 130 years? Peachy.

I’ve done nothing productive today at all and to celebrate it we’re going to watch Psych. But before I leave you I just wanted to wish you all a happy you’re-still-alive-today day! 😀

Psych pineapple tv show

I’m not inclined to resign to maturity!


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