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Normal Haul!

Look what magically appeared in front of me!

Normal Haul

Normal Haul, wee!

Okay, I fell in the same hole of “Oh My God, a Normal store just opened in Odense” as everyone else. But I actually restrained myself very well and only bought things I actually needed/didn’t have, except for a single little eyeshadow palette which my ever-helping boyfriend tried to talk me out of (“Babe, aren’t you going to buy more stuff? Honey, look, you didn’t check this entire row out at all” – no, I know, I was trying NOT to!)

I was really amazed at the kewl stuff they have in there and my boyfriend was pretty much over the moon, too – while they may have a lot of female customers for a reason, no guy would walk in there feeling like he couldn’t find something nice for himself. So, what did we get?

Normal haul Odense

My awesome things from the haul!

From the left:

* Pretty Smooth Assorted Wax Strips – 21 kr
* Batiste Dry Shampoo – 39 kr
* Athena Beaute Shaving Gel – 15 kr
* Angelica Perfume – 29,-
* Jimmy Too Perfume – 29,-
* Rexona Roll On – 12 kr
* W7 Catwalk Complexion Compact Powder – 29,-
* W7 Purple Haze Eyeshadows – 25 kr
* Stackable Body Wash Poppy – 10 kr

Yes, I got a Batiste dry shampoo like every single other person who has visited Normal. But really, I ran out of dry shampoo two weeks ago and nothing I’ve found so far has smelled like something I didn’t gag over. And while Batiste is far from the cheapest dry shampoo ever, at least it smells nice and not like you were desperately trying to save your hair with something you found in your grandma’s closet (really, did I mention I don’t like the smell of most dry shampoos out there? Because I really don’t)

The perfumes are so nice, and for that price I just had to get two. W7 products I usually buy online but I figured I might as well try it out now that it was right in front of me, right? 😉 Normal has testers for everything so I swatched the Purple Haze eyeshadows (and ruined my entire no-buying-things-I-have challenge) and I swatched the powder since I’m running really low on what I have at home. Well, the swatch was perfect. Too bad some people find it funny to rearrange things so I got one that’s a shade darker than it should have been. Not nice, people… don’t do that!

The Rexona roll on is nice and cheap, the was strips ditto, and the body wash I bought because it was tiny and I love tiny things to no end. I’ve tried the shaving gel alreadt and I have to say, I’m pretty amazed. I usually have to use that super expensive Gillette sensitive because my legs itch so much after just a normal shower so you can’t even imagine what happens if I use something on my legs that isn’t “me-proofed”. But this doesn’t make me break out or turn red or anything! I wish it foamed a little more but that’s just because I’m a child inside and like foam – it does it’s job flawlessly and for 15 kr it’s definitely not the last time I’m buying this!

My boyfriend got a few things as well, though only three care-related things (the rest was candy and such) but I still think you should see it, if you’re having trouble dragging your boyfriends to a Normal store or you’re a guy interested in what they can offer you.

Normal Haul Old Spice Axe

My boyfriend’s part of the haul!

I don’t remember the exact prices but they were all somewhere around 15-20 kr each, so really affordable as well. And they have so much to choose from that you’re bound to find something you both like.

All in all, YAY for Normal! The only thing I don’t understand about their entire (amazing) concept is their name – why “Normal”? I feel like I’m not getting some inside joke, but then again, in this heat it’s amazing I’m even functioning somewhat.

Have you been to a Normal store yet? Do you want to or do you think it’s just over-hyped?


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Makeup Revolution Haul #2 – The lip products

As promised, the second part of the second haul – the lip products. I already did a post about the eye products here.

Makeup Revolutio HaulThis is what I bought

Like I said last time, I bought five lip lacquers and three lipsticks. I tend to focus on the eyes so I usually just wear gloss but it’s always good to try something new, right?

The lip lacquers are from their Velvet Matte line and I couldn’t decide so I just got five out of the seven they have.

Salvation Velvet Matte Lip LacquerFrom the left: Keep Crying For You, Keep Lying For You, What I Believe, You Took My Love, and Keep Trying For You.

Except for the fact that I really don’t like their names (they just sound so needy) I like the actual product. The colors are really bright and in no way a gloss and they are very matte so if you like a shine to your lips, like yours truly, I’d suggest you invest in a see-through gloss to put on top.

All of them are wearable although some of them are definitely more subtle than others. The last two on the first picture are really meant for focus on your lips, whereas the rest can do with a bit stronger eye makeup.

And of course, a few swatches so that you can see what they look like on really pale skin 😉

DSC_0030From the left: Keep Lying For You, Keep Crying For You, You Took My Love, What I Believe, Keep Trying For You

I have to say, though, if you have chapped lips – like me – you might want to fix that first because it shows a little too much when you’re wearing these. And either way, remember to take care of your lips ’cause these matte products are really drying.

Makeup Revolution LipsticksFrom the left: 100% Vamp, The One and You Took My Love

The only lipstick I own besides these is a cheap-o purple lipstick I bought 348 years ago. Because I was goth and purple was cool (Don’t you love those embarrassing days where you didn’t know how to do your makeup so you looked like an idiot? Yeah, me neither).

But I actually really do love purple and especially purple lipstick, so while it may seem very dark to a lot of people, I know it’ll soon become one of my absolute favorites.

The nude lipstick is actually… too nude for my lips! Usually when I buy things like foundation I have to choose the lightest colors they have because apparently I was born half vampire. But my lips often look like they have color on them, even when they don’t, so this one actually makes them look pretty pale. Not in a bad way, though. The problem with naturally pink lips is that it’s sometimes hard to rock a full-blown eye look because it looks like you’re wearing a ton of gloss. So I’m very happy I bought this, even though it’s definitely only going to be used to give my eye makeup a chance 😉

You Took My Love is gorgeous. Flat-out gorgeous! If you could only buy one of the lipsticks they have, this would be it. As 1 pound per lipstick you can pretty much stock up on the entire line, though 😉

Makeup Revolution 100% Vamp The One You Took My LoveThe amazing colors

Makeu Revolution Lipstick Swatches The One 100% Vamp You Took MYy Love

The swatches

All three are very creamy and glide on flawlessly. I would, however, recommend a lip pencil since they do rub out a little too fast if you don’t let them dry properly but for the price I’m not bothered.. What I do is apply a layer, “kiss” a piece of paper, and apply another layer. It seems to stick better that way.

PS – after I took the picture of the swatches I went to remove them. I spent 3 cotton swabs and a lot of product remover and rubbing and I still couldn’t get all of it off.

Makeup Revolution Haul Swatches LipstickSame happened with the lip lacquers!


What do you think? Are you going to try any of these? (:


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Makeup Revolution Haul #2 – The eye products

Before you all go telling me that I pledged to do the Shop My Stash challenge, let me just stop you there – I ordered this before the challenge 😉

Anyways, I’m really excited about this brand by now! The first shipment is turning out to be great so of course I couldn’t wait to open this one and try it out. This time I’ll limit it to the eye-products because it’s going to be a lengthy post. Part two is coming up!

Makeup Revolution HaulSecond haul and I’m loving it!

I ordered five lip lacquers, three lip sticks, a 5 Baked Eyeshadow and a Salvation Dia De Los Muertos palette from their new Salvation line.

5 Baked EyeshadowBang Bang!

They have the 5 Baked Eyeshadows in five different versions – a pinkish called Chocolate Deluxe, a brownish called Pure and Innocent, a greenish called Beyond Eden, a purple called Electric Dreams and the blue that I got called Bang Bang.

I love both the green and brown ones, but especially the purple. By far my favorite. I just have so many purple eyeshadows and no blue ones, so I went with Bang Bang. I’m really happy I did because the blue really suits my brown eyes!

5 Baked EyeshadowBang Bang – you’re dead

This is what the colors look like up close. They’re not as pigmented as the other palettes I have from Makeup Revolution but they work just fine anyways. I don’t actually have a clue what the difference between a normal eyeshadow and a baked eyeshadow is supposed to be but this definitely isn’t the last baked eyeshadow I’m going to own 😉

Makeup lookHello!

I think this is the first time I’m actually posting my face on the blog. I’m having a really crappy full-of-pain day so the smile looks a little forced and I don’t look like front-cover material (but do I ever?) but the main point is that you can see what the eyeshadow looks like in use. I’ve used the three shadows on the right of the box, leaving out the white and the black ones. The little applicator is very cute but I don’t think it’s really useful for anything so I definitely recommend an actual brush.

I’ve just used a standard primer from E.L.F. and this is taken 4 hours after I did my makeup so I’m very surprised the under-eye area is still looking okay!

The second eye product is the palette.

Salvation Dia De Los Muertos Palette

Amazing box!

I was in love with the Girls on Film Salvation Palette but I just had most of those shades so I decided to be bold and try something new. The Dia de los Muertos palette is definitely different from the others in the line with it’s bright, but wearable, colors.

Salvation Dia De Lost Muertos PaletteHere are the colors up-close

Salvation Dia De Lost Muertos PaletteAnd with the names on them

I haven’t used this one yet but I did a few swatches to try it out. The pigmentation is fine, although not as great as their standard palettes which I got last time.

Salvation Dia De Lost Muertos Swatches

Looking forward to seeing how often the yellow one will be used 😉

These are some of the more POP colors as well as two of the more standard ones. My camera flat-out refused to focus so I apologize for the blur. Even though I say they’re not as pigmented as the others, these swatched were made with just two rubs of the finger which I think it’s absolutely fine and way more than you could expect from a 6 pound palette.

Next time I’ll write about the lip products from this time and see if I can get around to properly reviewing the palettes and shadows from last time. There were 5 palettes and 9 shadows so I’m really trying my best to use them enough for me to review them 😉

What do you think about Makeup Revolution? And do you like the palette I bought? 😉


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Makeup Revolution! (and a cupon code)

While browsing the internet I came across a new (to me, at least) webshop with makeup. Usually I shop at FragranceDirect since they’re affordable and have a lot to choose from. I also like ELF and MUA but this time I was looking for something else – and I found it!

revolutionNow they just need to get the Iconic 3 back in stock!

Makeup Revolution is webshop selling their own brand, much like ELF, and the prices are just wonderful. If there’s one thing I like as a student and mother, it’s affordable. Of course, I’ve been through some reviews and people seem very pleased with their products so I decided to order some.

I think their most popular products are their eyeshadow palettes and judging by swatches I’ve seen, rightly so. The line is called Redemption 12 and contains 10 different palettes. This time I bought eye-shadows abundance because I only have very few but would like to have some more. I got the Iconic 1, Iconic 2, Essential Shimmers, Essential Mattes and Romantic Smoked. I also got 8 of their Eye Dust colors which I’m excited to try out. Only tiny downside is that the Iconic 3 palette is new and thus sold out but with 5 new palettes I think I’m set for a while.

The palettes contain 12 different colors each at the price of 4 pounds and the Eye Dust jars cost 1 pound each. In total, I had to pay 26 pounds, or 245 kr, because I use a 25% off code (MUR25) which means I’m a very happy camper 😉

I’m very excited to receive my things and try them out!


Nothing is sponsored, I’m just very excited 😀

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Product Haul – FragranceDirect #2

Yup, another product haul from FragranceDirect (and another one is on it’s way) – are you starting to sense how much I like that site? 😉

This time I bought a few things from my mom again but they’re not in the picture, because I already put them in my gift box. I ordered these things in January but the shipping does take a little while, so you’re getting it now.


I don’t know why it looks so dusty, I think it’s because the light setting in that area is crap

Bourjois Mineral Matte Make Up Brush, sold out – I bought two of these (so I now have three) and I’m glad I did ’cause they sold out! I really like these brushes, they’re easy to hold and to use, and they don’t take up any space at all.

NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder, 18 kr – Another powder because I want to try a few different ones out. This one is translucent so there shouldn’t be any problems. As a bonus, this one has a little mirror.

Manhattan 123 Clear Compact Powder, 9 kr – Yes, I bought one of these last time as well, but even though I do like it, I have to wear a very thin layer because it’s a shade too dark for me during winter. This one is vanilla and I hope it fits my skin tone better.

L’Oreal 24H Super Liner Gel Eyeliner 03 Violet Black, sold out – this one is sold out so I can’t link to it. But it’s got a purple shimmer to it and I’m looking very much forward to try it out.

Almay Nearly Naked Foundation, 27 kr – Another foundation in case the other one fails, too. Should blend easily and nourish with grape seed.

Revlon Colorstay Under Eye Concealer, 22,7 kr GBP – Revlon should be so good that I decided to buy one of these in medium last time. And I love it! So I bought another one! It’s a pretty basic under-eye concealer but has fancy applicator, is lightweight, oil-free and with SPF 15 UVA and UVA protection.

Bourjois Elastic Mascara 41 Black Unlimited, 27 kr GBP – The other mascara I bought last time is really nice but not was I was looking for, so I decided to try this one out as well. It’s said to be able to extend the lashes up to 130% of their natural length but what I really want to know if it clumps and if it looks the way I like it!

Manhattan Clearface Perfect Matt Foundation, 1.99 GBP – Aaaand another “double” 😉 This one is in beige because the last one (in Natural) is way too dark for me. I haven’t even tried it because it’s 100% obvious so that one is going into the giveaway box.

I’m really hoping some of these foundations and powders fit my skin tone since it’s such a pain in the ass finding the correct one for my ridiculously pale skin that just so happens to have a yellow undertone instead of the typical Scandinavian pink, which means pretty much nothing fits.


As always, everything is paid for by yours truly 😉