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Review – Gosh Light’N’Shine Lip Glaze


I got this lip-gloss in my Goodiebox and I’ll be the first to admit, lip-gloss isn’t my favorite thing. Most of the time it looks sooo tacky and it gets so sticky it’s just not pleasant.

However, this one actually surprised me! I love the color (I’m a huge fan of purple) and I find it to be less sticky than most lip-glosses I’ve tried. It gives a really neat shine to your lips while looking very nice and very acceptable for a grown person, which is to say, no glitter or overly shiny glare.

This lip-gloss can easily be used for everyday make-up as well as a party. I especially love it because I don’t have to compromise with my eye make-up in order to wear it since the color – despite being purple – is a very soft and delicate, yet rich color.

It’s available in a few different colors if purple isn’t your thing. It also stays on for a nice amount of time and gives a nice color without it being over the top. The consistency is a little thick but in a way I really like. It doesn’t run like many glosses do and you don’t feel like your lips are wet and sticky in any way.

The packaging is nice at first glance. There’s a little mirror to use while putting on the lip-gloss and, when you screw it open, you get a bright light from the top! Super fancy and made with parties and nights out in mind, I’m sure.

However, it just doesn’t work in real life. You can’t use the light to brighten the mirror in the dark anyway, and during the day you don’t need the light. For me it’s just really annoying because it shines right into my eyes when I try to put gloss on my upper lip. The mirror is probably handy for those who can’t put on lip-gloss without but I don’t find it to be difficult so I can’t use it for much. It’s nice if you want to check your make-up but my phone works just as well.

The size is a normal lip-gloss size that fits in your purse. You can get it for 89,95 kr in Matas. This particular color is 102.

– Nice colors to choose from
– Isn’t sticky
– Handy mirror for those who need it
– Rich color without being over the top
– Usable for everyday and party
– Nice-looking packaging

– The light is very blinding and very disturbing
– To me, the mirror doesn’t really do justice
– A little pricey on an SU budget

All in all, I would give it 3.5/5. I really like the gloss itself and have no problems with the actual product. However, since the product is marketed as “Light’N’Shine” under the concept of having a working light and mirror, I can’t give it full points since you simply just don’t get what the offer.

But all in all, recommendable and definitely worth trying out (:


Lots and lots of products!

A bunch of new products have arrived! From The Body Shop, Goodiebox and NiceHair.dk, which means there’s a lot of nice stuff all in all.

Instead of spamming it all in a huge post, I’ll make separate reviews of the products as a go through them. Until I get a chance to try them out, though, you’ll get a post per package so that you can see what I got.

We’ll start off with the Goodiebox. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a box full of goodies! Specifically, each month you get a Goodiebox with different products, some full size, some sample, and all Goodieboxes are worth more than what you pay for them (139,- inc. shipping) Every month is a surprise since you don’t know what you get until you open it. I love the concept. Essentially you get a nice surprise gift from yourself to yourself!

This is a previous one (the December one, I think) they sent so that I didn’t have to wait until the end of January to get a new one. I’ve seen most of these products in reviews and so far I’m liking the box.


Tic Tac Strawberry Mix, A nice huge box of strawberry flavored tic tacs. I already ate like 1/4 of the box.
Fullsize – 16,95 kr

Salvadore Dali Wild, Sample of the perfume with a “woody floral” scent.
Fullsize – 225 kr

DEPEND Party Eyelashes, Fake lashes if you want to spice up your look for a party and give your eyelashes more volume.
Fullsize – 69 kr

Derma Wet Wipes, Ecological and completely free of perfume, parabenes and artificial color. Can be used for removing makeup as well as replace your skintonic.
Fullsize – 49,95 kr

GOSH Glamorous Eyeshadow, A Wet’N’Dry eyeshadow so you’re in complete control of the intensity – use it dry for a softer look, wet for a more intense look. I got mine in black, as you can see.
Fullsize – 59,95 kr

GOSH Light’N’Shine Lip Glaze, A soft sparkly lip-gloss with a mirror on the side and lights when you unscrew the top – perfect for a night out! Mine’s color 102, a really neat purple one and God knows I love purple, so very excited.
Fullsize – 89,95 kr

APPEAL4 nail polish, A new Danish brand whose products aren’t animal tested (Hells yeah!) and without any parabenes or other funny stuff. Mine’s in the color Red Hot Bottle Brush, a glittery semi-dark red. Nom nom.
Fullsize – 79 kr

Goodiebox only ships to Denmark but there are many similar sites in other countries.

In the UK there’s Luxebox, Latestinbeauty, and LoveLula. LoveLula ships internationally, but with some restrictions.

In the US there’s:
Bitchbox, which also has a box for guys, and the ship to France, Spain and the UK as well.
Starbox, which also ships internationally
Goodebox, Beautybox5, Beautyarmy, Ipsy, and Beautybar only ship to the US.

And then there’s Glossybox, which has sites in quite a few countries, like the UK, the US, Sweden, etc.Try searching on Google to see if it exists in your country. In Denmark, Glossybox is Goodiebox.


For good measure I have to say, that I’m in no way getting anything from any of these sites for mentioning them here. At the same time I haven’t tried any other subscription besides Goodiebox, which I pay for myself, so it’s up to you to determine if it’s something that seems worth it.

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