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Wet N Wild Haul – I won a giveaway!

Wet N Wild giveaway

Awesome price!

Yay! Lucky me won a wonderful giveaway at Skønhed Og Tips. They had 3 prices, and I won 2nd price. I’m SO excited because it was the one I found most interesting. First price was a lot of awesome nail polish but since I bite my nails, it  really don’t use nail polish enough to justify getting so many. 3rd price was a Mentholatum set which was really nice. And what did I win, you ask?

A makeup bag full of Wet N Wild products! It completely saved my otherwise pretty horrid day and I’m so glad to have received them now. Here’s what the bag contains.

From the left:

* Coloricon Eye Shadow Single in the color Envy
* MegaGlo Illuminating Powder in the colors Catwalk Pink
* Fast Dry Nail Color in the color Silvivor
* Wild Shine Nail Color in the color Black Créme
* Megalast Nail Color in the color Tropicalia
* Coloricon Eye Shadow Trio in the color Knock on Wood
* Megalast Liquid Lip Color in the color Raisin’ The Roof
* Megaslicks Lip Gloss in the color Sun Glaze
* Megaliner in the color Brown
* Glassy Gloss in the color Poppy Glaze
* Megaimpact Mascara in the color Very Black

I’m most excited about the Eyeshadow Trio because I saw swatches of it on Youtube and fell completely in love with it. I’m also lowing the MegaGlo powder, the nail polishes for my summer-toes and the lipglosses.

I already have an eyeshadow which looks like the Envy one, and I don’t wear brown eyeliner so those two are most likely not going to be a part of my makeup collection for very long. Not because there’s anything wrong with the products, but because I’m running low on space.

The mascara I haven’t tried yet but I’ve wanted to try something new for ages so I’m looking forward to it (:

All in all, a wonderful price which I’m very happy about, and I do really recommend that you check their blog out.


Nothing is sponsored, but I did with these things fair and square in a giveaway (:

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50% off of everything! – E.L.F. Cosmetics

Unfortunately, I can’t buy more makeup right now (as much as I’d like to) since we’re moving and all, but that doesn’t mean YOU lovelies can’t use the offer!


E.L.F. has 50% off of everything! If you order for £30 (minimum) you’ll get free shipping and two extra surprise products!

It’s such an amazing offer, I’m so sad that I can’t use it, but I hope many of you will find it useful – either because you know E.L.F. and their products and want to stock up, or because you’ll see it as an opportunity to try E.L.F.’s amazing and cheap products!

The code is: 500414

Here’s the link (:



Nothing is sponsored (:

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

Book giveaway!

I actually managed to pack all my books and to take away 30ish I don’t want anymore! I’m way proud of myself 😀


Now, I don’t like throwing books out so here’s a list of what’s available. If you’re interested in some of it, say the word. You can come pick it up or I can send it to you, if you pay for the shipping. Just throw me a comment or an e-mail.

Danske bøger:
* Biker Bibel
* Isabel Allende – Åndernes Hus
* Tove Ditlevsen – Barndommens Gade
* Stephen King – Manden Der Blev Tyndere
* Ed McBain – Spøgelser
* Dean R. Koontz – Dødens Museum
* Christina Aros – Det er da okay at cykle i pyjamas: en bog om at skabe autentiske børn med super selvværd!
* Anne Fine – Melbørn

English books:
* Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat, Pray, Love
* Arnold Bennett – Clayhammer
* The Forsyte Chronicles 1, 2 & 3
* Vena Cork – Thorn
* Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged
* Modern Short Storie: Young People
* Agatha Christie – And Then There Were None
* Lesley Whiteside – The Spirituality of St. Patrick
* James Austen-Leigh – Memoir of Jane Austen
* Kenneth Clark – Civilization
* The Oxford Companion to English Literature, second rev. 1998
* The Oxford Companion to English Literature, 1987

Many of the books are old (I’m an English student and book-a-holic – what else did you expect?) but they’re all in very good condition and definitely readable. Some of them are standard novel size, some very tiny and some big-ass bricks so please take that into consideration, as some will be more expensive to send than others.

Would you like a book – or 10? 😀

(I know the list counts 22 but I’ve sorted over 10 books away for my mom 😉 )

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com


Yup, I won another giveaway a month or so back, but apparently there were some communication error because I had to write an e-mail to the company and ask. They were very nice and sweet, promised they would send it right away and this came in the mail today!

DSC_0053 Rawr!

It’s a super awesome set from Beatrix New York with motives of Alister and Percival, Alister being the dino on the lunchbox and Percival the dino on the trolley and the backpack. There was also an iPad sleeve but I didn’t get a picture of that because it just wouldn’t stand up (!) so you’re going to have to live without 😉

I love the dinoes, the color and most importantly the quality! It’s great for the upcoming summer vacation (yes, I’m WAY ahead in time, I know) and of course it’s going to be very useful when my son starts daycare, so we’re very pleased at home! (:

I’m almost a little envious even though I have a very neat read and black trolley which I love 😉

What do you think about the dinoes? Do you have an awesome travel bag/trolley? 


This post is in no way sponsored – I’m just a very pleased and happy winner who wants to share a tip about quality products with my readers 😉

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

10 minutes without your phone – dare to take the challenge?

Before you roll your eyes or run away screaming, just listen for 2 minutes – you can actually help and it doesn’t take anything from you at all!

More people have access to phones than to clean water. And as we can all imagine if we’ve ever tried having the water cut off for just a few hours, living without it isn’t any fun, especially not for a child.ScreenShot                                                                                     If you want more info, go to their webpage or the same link using your computer.

UNICEF has made a challenge that’s really simple. Go to Uniceftapproject.org on your phone, press begin and see if you can go without touching your phone at all for 10 minutes. If you can, UNICEF and their sponsors will donate one day of clean water for a child. If you can go for 20 minutes, you’ll have donated two.

Leave it untouched while you watch a movie and you’ll have donated over two weeks worth of clean water – just by not touching your phone! (and imagine what you can do if you leave it untouched during the night)

I hope many of you will try it out, try to break your own record and most importantly, spread the word. It takes two minutes to challenge a friend (bet a trip to the cinema or a box of chocolates) and every participant counts!

How did you do? Please share in the comments, I’d love to hear! (:


Nothing is sponsored (:

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com