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December 2014 Update

Valentine’s Day and why I don’t celebrate it


I never really liked Valentine’s day. Not because I thought it sucked being single (really, I think it’s great – entire pizza to yourself, don’t have to shave your legs, can fangirl as much as you want without your better half looking at you like he’s considering getting you locked up… ) but because I just don’t get it.

Think about it; this super random day is THE day to show your love to your better half/the girl you’ve been trying to woo for three months now, by spending all your money on half-decent chocolate, über expensive jewelry she’ll probably exchange the next day, and flowers that will die by the end of the week. Why?

Isn’t it better to celebrate your love (or being in love) every day? Now, we do have a toddler so it’s not like we can gaze into each others eyes and talk for hours every day. A lot of it is diapers, what to have for dinner, and “GOD, STOP TOUCHING THAT, YOU’LL ELECTROCUTE YOURSELF!” shouting. But we always make time for each other, in each our way. Hubby takes the kid every single morning so that I can sleep. Granted, I’ve been sick for 2 1/2 years so sleep is very important for me, otherwise I just don’t function, but EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. That’s quite something. He takes the smelly diapers (note to self: keep husband forever) and buys me my favorite chocolate just because. He tells me I look gorgeous (even when I soooo clearly don’t) and puts up with my immense talking even when he doesn’t care about the subject.

That’s the kind of love I want, not for him to feel forced to buy me stuff on a random, specific day. Hell, I don’t even expect gifts for our anniversary or wedding anniversary; I just want to spend the day doing something nice together, if it’s possible.

So, to everyone who does celebrate Valentine’s day – consider swapping the gift and the flowers out with a nice homemade dinner and a two hour talk. Or at least add it TO the gift. It means much, much more when it’s genuine. If you must give a gift, try giving something that your better half really wants. No matter if it’s a perfume, a book, a pair of socks… showing you actually listen when they talk is a 100 times better than getting a pair of earrings you’ll be exchanging tomorrow.

And to everyone who is single and feeling sad they don’t have anyone to celebrate it with? Buy yourself some really good chocolate, some nice tea, perhaps a new snuggly blanket, and enjoy that you can watch the Hell out of your favorite show without anyone trying to claim the remote 😉

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