It’s been almost a month since my last update. We’ve been through pneumonia, sore throats, eye infections and a bunch of other not-so-interesting things (like someone hacking my eBay account and stealing 2.500 kr from me, then Bloggers Delight just stopping my PLUS subscription because I had to cancel my old card and get a new…).

But December’s still been neat; I made 4 advent calendars (as in, 96 gifts wrapped minus the few from eBay that never came despite being ordered in October!) and my son has enjoyed his very first calendar, and so have we; we’ve started watching The Walking Dead (well, for me it’s re-watching right now since I watched the first 2 seasons a while ago), celebrated my 22nd birthday and went to see The Hobbit (on my birthday, booyah!), so all in all, a very good month so far.

Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Christmas with my husband’s sister and her family. They’re really nice people but it’ll be SUCH a hassle getting back and forth with 300.000 gifts, a stroller, a weekend bed and a kid – with Fynbus. I really hope it goes smoothly. Having to wake up my kid at 10 pm to drag him out into the cold and then on a bus in a stroller is NOT my idea of fun. But I’m sure we’ll all enjoy the evening so I’m just trying to focus on that.

For my birthday I got a zombie mug, a Zombies Hate book, Harry’s wand, new speakers, a pot (yes, a pot – I REALLY needed a bigger one) and money. I’m veeeery pleased with my gifts and getting told that my Christmas gifts are even better isn’t making it any easier to wait until tomorrow! 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends!


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