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Harry Potter and You Read It HOW Many Times?

eBay – Christmas Gifts Kids Edition!

It’s Christmas! Okay, okay, it’s not – yet. And I promise, I’m not one of those crazy people who start decorating in the middle of August. I am, however, one of those crazy people who look for gifts all year long because it’s much cheaper that way – buying Christmas gifts during the January sale is not a bad idea. It’s also not a bad idea to buy some of your gifts from eBay. The only problem with eBay is that you can’t wait until last minute, so 6 weeks before Christmas is the very least I’d suggest buying gifts from the Asian sellers on eBay – the ones from the US and UK usually ship much faster.

So, what did I find? Well, I won’t show you any of the things I ended up buying (so I don’t ruin the surprises) but I will show you some of the things I considered. This post it’s all about the kids!

eBay_Kids.jpgApparently I love Mickey so much I had to include him twice 😉

Mickey Mouse mug, 12.90 GBP
Owl clock, 2.95 GPB
Mickey Mouse figurine, 4.40 GBP
EVA Foam Bricks, 6.62 GBP
Iron Man pillow case, 4.59 GBP
Funky fridge magnets, 0.54 GBP
Animal learning cards, 2.95 GBP
Kitchen play set, 4.46 GBP

I like all of these things for various reasons. I looove Disney, especially Mickey Mouse, so those gifts can actually be good for adults, too 😉 The Mickey figurine is actually a collect-them-all with a lot of Disney figurines – if you notice, the black thing behind him is one of those movie reels, and when you combine them, you have an entire move reel from the first movie to some of the newest!

The Iron Man pillow case comes in Spiderman and Batman, too, so it’s really neat for any superhero-crazy kid’s room. Or, in our case, or living room… The foam bricks I’ve ordered today, as a last minute thing, because he’s just started showing interest in building blocks.

Mom builds – he destroys and laughs. That’s how it works.

Have you bought gifts yet? (:

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com


  • Maja Holmgren

    Ruining stuff is the best 😉
    I haven’t bought any christmas presents yet, simply because I don’t know what anybody wants. I bought a Ninja turtles t-shirt for myself today though, at qwertee, which is awesome!
    Btw, do you remember to check the e-mail adress you have to your blog? If not, you probably should 😉

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • I stress like a crazy person if I don’t buy gifts like 800 years in advance 😉 And buying stuff for oneself is definitely also a good thing!

      Also, that highly depends on which e-mail you’re talking about – I have two connected to the blog. My standard (Amira_Resic(a)hotmail.com) I check multiple times a day. The other one (the g-mail one) I check approximately never 😀 But I can’t see anything on either of them, don’t know if I accidentally deleted it from the spam folder…? 🙁

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Maja Holmgren

    I just sent a copy-pasted version of the mail I sent you, to the one you just wrote above here, hope that works then 😛
    Yes, I focus on myself a bit these days, but I get a lot for gifts since we finally got… boligstøtte and they owe us way over 3000! YAY! 😛

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • IN the most platonic, non-creepy way possible… I LOVE YOU AND LONNIE. SO VERY MUCH 😛 (I promise, I’m not a creep, really – just a weirdo).

      Also, Hells yeah for the boligstøtte! 😀 It’s a huge help when you’re on SU. Time for eBay shopping 😉

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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