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Lookfantastic Beautybox #November edtion!

50% off – Makeup & Kid’s Stuff

For the first time in ages, I just bought something really nice for myself. Granted, I do buy a lot of stuff but usually I buy the cheap versions of everything because while I like buying stuff, I also hate spending my money. They like to live in my bank account for as long as possible (:

Still, I just got the best e-mail (well, for me, not for them) that Bulderbasserne.dk are closing down so everything is 50% off! They have a few really neat things left, included a lot of Disney figurines. It’s really too bad that we don’t have anymore room for things like that right now.

As a bonus, they added in the mail that they are closing down their other web-shop as well, Divalounge.dk, which also has 50% off! Usually I’m not that interested in Danish sales and procentages sicne I buy my stuff much cheaper elsewhere (Hello, eBay and FragranceDirecte) but usually I’m also not very into buying specific and/or expensive brands. Well, since I tried INK by Dennis Knudsen in a Goodiebox, I’ve been in complete love with their Perfect Stay Lipsticks – and Divalounge has them! So I went ahead and bought Coral and Terracotta for 234,- in total, including delivery.

TeracottaTerracotta – a wonderful shade

They have a lot of other brands as well, though. If I didn’t bite my nails I’d love to get this one:

CitateMerry Christmas to you!

It’s the Citaté Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar 2014. Originally it was 595,- but now it’s 297.50,- I think that’s quite a lot of money to save and you get a lot to play around with.

This is in no way sponsored, everything is my own opinion. I just wanted to share a great offer with you guys (:

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

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Lookfantastic Beautybox #November edtion!