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Uuuuh... I'm alive!

Very Fabulous Unicorn!

Except for the fact that it’s the best title for a post ever, it’s also the name of a wonderful and awesome Etsy shop. The shop is run by Random Danish Citizen and her friend, Plotting Bunnies (or, in other words, Maja and Lonnie, one whom I stalk way more than I should, the other one whom I’m gonna start stalking now – sorry!) and they sell handmade jewelry. Not only are they talented but they make fandom related things which of course means I’ve fallen in love with this necklace way more than I should.

Tardis Necklace Very Fabulous Unicorn

Handmade Tardis necklace by Very Fabulous Unicorn!

I really need to start wearing necklaces again, I need this in my life. And yes, I may or may not have tried to convince my husband to buy me this for Christmas.

Aaaaanyways, if you are looking for really awesome, one-of-a-kind jewlery be sure to take a look at Very Fabulous Unicorn – you won’t regret it! 😉


The picture does NOT belong to me, it belongs solely to Very Fabulous Unicorn!

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com


  • My roommate wanted me to tell you… That we LOVE you for making this post 😉 I showed it to her yesterday and didn’t get time to comment or answer your comment on my blog, since I spent pretty much 50 minutes at home the entire day… Because you know, University and then some social arrangements!
    I thought you’d might like the Doctor Who stuff and we are in the making of even more stuff like that! 😉
    But once again… THANK YOU!

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Well, of course I made the post! You’re really talented, the things are amazing. I rarely wear jewelry (got out of the habit when my son started pulling hair and necklaces all the time) but I’m definitely re-thinking that decision 😉

      I think more people should be aware of your Etsy shop, you definitely deserve some awareness. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s the only one I like that doesn’t cost 500.000 kr for shipping 😉

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  • Children have the tendencies to do stuff like that, my mother also didn’t wear jewelry for many many years because she had us AND worked in a Kindergarden with handicapped children, so everything just broke if she wore it! 😉

    Yeah, the shipping costs are sometimes completely ridiculous on Etsy, which sucks when you really like them, but aren’t a millionaire (why aren’t I?!), but we ship them as a letter and therefore the shipping is very low – even to New Zealand where our first customer is from!

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    • Well, your stuff is definitely going on my wish list. This is the first time since I was 8 that I have a wish list. So far is consists of Nivea Lip Butters, a moisturizer (ask me how dry my entire freaking face is, yes?) and the Doctor Who necklace 😛

      I’m sort of proud of myself for even having one (if you can even call three things a list, that is).

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Uuuuh... I'm alive!