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A little personal update

eBay Clutch Edition!

I’ve been using eBay a lot these days, having to buy advent calendar gifts and Christmas gifts for four people (That’s 96 advent calendar gifts, people! They’re not all from eBay though ;)) which of course means I’ve also found some things I’d personally like to own.

This post it’s all about clutches (or wallets, handbags, whatever you wish to call them) since my wallet is 100 years old and not very useful when you have 300 club member cards to everything from Matas to Fætter BR.

Screen Shot 10-28-14 at 08.15 PMFrom the top left:

Red & Black clutch, 5.68 GBP (54 kr) for the middle-sized, 6.38 GBP (60 kr) for the longer.

Blue Sequenced clutch & Red Sequenced clutch, 1.26 GBP (12 kr)

Moustache wallet, 2.76 GBP (26 kr)

Red clutch, 3.66 GBP (34,5 kr)

Striped colored clutch, 1.59 GBP (15 kr)

I like the all (of course) but I think my favorites are the tree on the right – red, moustache and striped. Even if I bought all of them, it would only be around 53 kr, which I think is completely doable.

Which ones are your favorites? Would you buy any of these? (:

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com


  • Maja Holmgren

    I get money from Eovendo soon and it’s over 40 dkk for once, so I think that I’m definitely getting the one with the moustaches…. That’s really cool! Not because my wallet is really old or anything, I just like changing wallets once in a while :p

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Yeah, all my Eovendo money goes straight to eBay 😉 And it’s nice because while 30-40 kr isn’t a lot in Denmark, you can get so many things on eBay. Granted, there’s a lot of waiting but for those prices, I can wait.

      And I somehow just knew you’d like the moustache one… 😉

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  • Maja Holmgren

    What? It’s amazing. I have painted owls with moustaches at some point, I just like that stuff 😛
    I bought it today and some Harry Potter stuff (even before I saw your post), it was 2 dkk after Eovendo which was almost 44 dkk, I think that’s pretty good 😉

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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