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Still not in a bad mood

A little personal update

I’m sorry for the long absence. Constantly. I’m just sick a lot so I’m either sick or running to the doctor’s office 24/7. My blood-tests showed there might be something wrong with my liver and my new, nice doctor tried to reassure me greatly that, “It’s probably nothing serious, you’ll be fine” – as if I’m even worried about it. I’ve been sick every day for 2+ years now. I’d actually LOVE to know what the problem is, because then we could at least try to fix it.

So tomorrow I’m going there again (appointment at 10.30, woho…) to have more blood drawn (even more woho…) and then they’ll hopefully know something. If not, I’ll get a referral to the hospital where they’ll probably use me as a needle holder as well, but if it means they figure out what’s wrong with me, I’ll take it.


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  • Maja Holmgren

    My doctors never got further than the “unidentified defect in my immunesystem” and having some answers is definitely worth being poked with needles.
    I hope you’ll get better soon and they find out what it is – I miss you here in “blogland” 😉

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    • We really hope so, too. Being sick is one thing – being sick while still having to be a mother is a little straining sometimes. Boyfriend (husband, I knooow) does a lot but he can’t do everything himself, and besides, I actually like spending time with my offspring ;P

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Still not in a bad mood