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Still not in a bad mood

I’ll make this post short.

1. My laptop blue-screens every 10-15 minutes. Which is nice. So nice.

2. I’ve had a high fever and been sick for a week. A few days where I was okay, and then queue Noro-virus for three days! Yesterday it finally stopped completely (as in, I can actually almost EAT now!) and I woke up this morning with a horrible cold. I have so much trouble breathing that my eyes are tearing up. My doctor can’t see me until Tuesday. I very well may get kicked out of school by then (you know, seeing as the don’t give a shit that I’ve only been sick for around a total of 15 days now. Fucking 15 days!) but I’ve reached a point where I don’t care.

3. We ordered some wooden playfood for our son for Christmas. Almost all of it has small marks, either paints where it shouldn’t be or scratches in the pain. They got a not-so-happy e-mail.

4. I’m not really even in a bad mood. On the contrary, being home sick for the past few weeks has given me lots of time to sleep, to play with my kid, to make proper dinner that doesn’t consist of having pasta four times a week… AND I now have a doctor who’s actually taking me seriously enough to run test and find out why I’m sick all the time. YAY!

Because of the throwing-up-so-much-that-foam-came-out (yes, that actually happens when you run out of bile… delicious, I know) we shipped the kid of to grandma at watched an entire season of Resurrection – which is highly recommended! In a few minutes we’ll continue watching Psych, we’re almost through season 6.

Psych pineapple metalbeast114 deviantart

This is adorable! 😀 Found it on Metalbeast114’s Deviant art – check it out 😉


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