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A long week

The Flu and The Wedding

Once again I managed to go an entire week without posting. It’s not because I don’t like you guys, really, but I’ve just been at that stage of sick where you’re not really 100% sick, but still feel sick enough for you to be unable to do anything productive. I’ve missed 2 days of school this week and I HATE myself for not being able to go today because we were supposed to make to different types of pancakes, vanilla parfait, and lamb with dill sauce, shrimps and potatoes! That’s sounds more or less like Heaven to me!

Instead, I get to sit at home and be sick. Woho. “At least” I get to spend the evening alone without my son and boyfriend. I was actually looking forward to that a little (because it made it possible for me to geek out to various TV shows) but now I really don’t feel it anymore.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to babysit… how unpractical is that? But they reeaaaally deserve a baby-free night and their kid is SO quiet and easy, it won’t be a problem at all.

And next Saturday we’re getting married, but it’s a super informal wedding (I seriously considered if showing up in jogging pants would be okay) with just some coffee and cake and hopefully good weather since we’re getting wed outside!

None of use are very romantic like that so it’s just to have a nice day and “get it over with” since we’re not and won’t ever be saving up for a huge wedding with the big, white dress, church, etc. so there’s really no point in waiting, we decided 😉

What have you guys been up to? (:

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  • I have kind of been visiting your blog every two days or something like that, just to check that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get anything done in here. I’m not sick and not getting married or anything like that, I just moved instead. I have this extreme obsession with the fact that I have to feel at home here, because I never really did since we moved last time, my sister, mom and I, because I knew I was moving in maximum 6 months… But we’re pretty much done know, so I should get to the blogging very soon, hopefully already today!

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    • Haha, I’ve noticed you’ve been a little away as well 😉

      And that’s SO me. My parents told me we were moving… 4 months before I was moving here! I was NOT impressed, and it never ever felt like home. But I’m so happy for you that you’ve settled down. I know there are always little things that can be added and fixed, but it’s just a nice feeling knowing you’re done dragging furniture across country.

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    • Yes, not across the country after all. I have to stay in Odense for those 5 years, and I just love our place, so I hope that we can live here for quite some time now!
      It also took about 3 months before my actual room was ready, so I didn’t really have a chance, did I? At least for now, this is kind of what I think I need 🙂

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A long week