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A long week

That’s exactly what this week has been.

Monday started pretty okay. 4 classes and that was it. We were in line to get on the bus when a girl throws up in the bus, runs outside and continues throwing up. We decide to stay and help (I didn’t exactly plan on wiping vomit out of somebody else’s hair but I felt SO bad for her because everyone in the bus was starring and she was clearly uncomfortable – and let’s face it, as a mother I’ve done MUCH worse things that wiping a strand of hair free off vomit) which meant the bus drove off.

Fair enough, we’d just take the next one from the other bus stop, right? Well, the second we start walking it starts PISSING down and when we finally make it into the (20 min late) bus, we’re soaked.

Tuesday I was 5 fucking minutes late for kitchen internship (which I’m SO sure it the right term in English…) because my bus was late. Wednesday I was sick as fuck but because we only have 25 lessons of sick-days and I know I’m going to have migraines again until December, I had to show up. I was wearing my boyfriend’s t-shirt, no makeup (and I look dead as it is, being sick doesn’t help) and just wanted to drop dead. Because we had 8 lessons and I was home at 5.

Thursday. Bus was full, had to wait for another. Great start. Another day with 8 lessons. I brought chocolate to make it easier but it disappeared. No idea what the Hell happened, if someone took it from my bag or what, but it was gone. I was so tired when I got home, I told my boyfriend I’d just lay down for 5 minutes and for him to wake me if I fell asleep.

I went to bed at around 19, woke up at 22.30. Had something to eat and went right back to sleep. THAT exhausted.

Today we had kitchen internship-duty-whatever again, and made veal fricassee and “rødgrød med fløde” – sorry, can’t translate that 😉 It was actually extremely delicious.

Also, can I just point out that when you decide to take the rødgrød with you home and you only have a plastic bag… well, people stare 😛

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

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