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Wet N Wild Haul – I won a giveaway!

Wet N Wild giveaway

Awesome price!

Yay! Lucky me won a wonderful giveaway at Skønhed Og Tips. They had 3 prices, and I won 2nd price. I’m SO excited because it was the one I found most interesting. First price was a lot of awesome nail polish but since I bite my nails, it  really don’t use nail polish enough to justify getting so many. 3rd price was a Mentholatum set which was really nice. And what did I win, you ask?

A makeup bag full of Wet N Wild products! It completely saved my otherwise pretty horrid day and I’m so glad to have received them now. Here’s what the bag contains.

From the left:

* Coloricon Eye Shadow Single in the color Envy
* MegaGlo Illuminating Powder in the colors Catwalk Pink
* Fast Dry Nail Color in the color Silvivor
* Wild Shine Nail Color in the color Black Créme
* Megalast Nail Color in the color Tropicalia
* Coloricon Eye Shadow Trio in the color Knock on Wood
* Megalast Liquid Lip Color in the color Raisin’ The Roof
* Megaslicks Lip Gloss in the color Sun Glaze
* Megaliner in the color Brown
* Glassy Gloss in the color Poppy Glaze
* Megaimpact Mascara in the color Very Black

I’m most excited about the Eyeshadow Trio because I saw swatches of it on Youtube and fell completely in love with it. I’m also lowing the MegaGlo powder, the nail polishes for my summer-toes and the lipglosses.

I already have an eyeshadow which looks like the Envy one, and I don’t wear brown eyeliner so those two are most likely not going to be a part of my makeup collection for very long. Not because there’s anything wrong with the products, but because I’m running low on space.

The mascara I haven’t tried yet but I’ve wanted to try something new for ages so I’m looking forward to it (:

All in all, a wonderful price which I’m very happy about, and I do really recommend that you check their blog out.


Nothing is sponsored, but I did with these things fair and square in a giveaway (:

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com


  • I really love the whole concept of Give-aways because getting an e-mail about the fact that they won something, can make even the worst day so much better!
    Always nice with something that you can use 😀

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