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Sorry, not sorry

It’s summer. It’s vacation. And since I only have 10 days vacation left, not counting today, I’d rather spend it with my family that taking and editing pictures for the blog, writing long posts, etc. so this is just going to be a sort of personal/I’m-melting-so-my-brain-doesn’t-function kind of post.

melting summer hot

I’m just saying, it ain’t cool

I can, however, tell you that I’ve switched studies. No longer going to be an English major but a chef. I know it makes no sense to anyone from the outside, but I’ve always wanted to be chef – it’s just that when everyone and their mother tells you that you have to go to university, you end up believing them. Luckily my boyfriend gave me a push in the right direction so I decided to take a leap of fair and applied – and got in! So July 29th I start up and I’m SO very excited! But I’ll tell you more about that later on, as well as the dress and the brushes that I ordered on eBay a few weeks back. Oh, and how you should always lock you makeup up when you have people over, seeing as some people steal your things!

But enough about that – now I’ll go enjoy trying to think up Christmas gift wishes for my kid (who has EVERYTHING, such a first word luxury problem that I have to start in July!) and then later on we’re going to be very mature and play with a Dungeons and Dragons kind of book. You know, the one where you have to choose between different options and see if you can get out alive? Yes, that mature.



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  • I simply can’t stand the fact that people steal stuff that isn’t theirs, especially if it is people that you invite into you house, because… well, you think you can trust them and then, nope….
    Sounds really interesting with the new study, I’m really looking forward to just get an answer from the university, 12 days now! 😮

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    • It’s not a nice feeling, really. I don’t even care that much about the item (it was an eye primer, I’ll live) but inviting that kind of “people” into MY house where MY kid sleeps… I can’t even begin to tell you how murderous that makes me.

      And it really is super exciting! 😀 My brother’s waiting for an answer as well – he wants to study English so I just saved him a ton of money since I have most of the book already 😉 What did you apply for, if you don’t mind me asking? (: (Oh, and crossing my fingers it’ll be a positive answer!)

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