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Not true, there just isn’t one.

We’re taking some time off this evening for a little “kæreste-hygge”, or the closes things in English which would be “trying to take care of your relationship in between doing house chores and taking care of a very grumpy little kid” (he’s not dealing well with the heat).

So yeah, we made pulled pork from scratch and the burgers were AMAZING, and now we’re going to watch Psych and eat candy, and actually try to have human conversation instead of falling asleep straight away 😀

Hope you’re enjoying your evenings, too!

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Snowmen in July

I have quite a few posts almost-ready but I’m just too lazy to upload the pictures my camera doesn’t work right now, so they’ll have to wait.

Yesterday I made chocolate mousse (and intended to post you the recipe but that’s one of the waiting posts) and today I made something completely un-summery. A few days back I found a really cheap pack of what we call “stegeben” in Danish. And I have no idea what the word is in English, but these days I forget my own name at times, so don’t judge. They were really delicious but also very heavy for the stomach, so instead of doing something productive, I’ve decided to sit on my ass and not do something productive 😀

Tomorrow we’re going to the Ørbæk marked and I’m pretty excited, but I would have been more excited if it wasn’t a 1 1/2 hour trip with changing trains and busses with a overheated 1 y.o. and his stroller. But it’s the first time I’ll actually go there, and given that I’ve lived here for 3 years now I think it’s about time, too.

I need to give you an update of the Shop My Stash challenge as well – I only bought two items that I already had but I’ve used one of them once and the other is untouched, so it’s not that horrible… right? I’ve actually been really good at using the items from the list and I’ve definitely (re)discovered some some new items that I really like but didn’t use before, so I’m choosing to ignore the fact that I bought something I shouldn’t have. I’m making a list of what I own and what I need. That way I can always buy things from my need-list instead, but right now I think I’ll focus a little bit on more Wreck This Journal kind of books.

And today’s project? Well, I decide to do this page in the Wreck My Journal challenge.

Wreck This Journal The Life Project

So creative, I know

I’m actually doing pretty well with my journal, I’ve done over half of it already. Some things are really nice and creative, others are made during the 5 minutes I get to myself at times. This page is currently in the freezer, hoping for me not to forget it for 3 years so it can go back to it’s friends in a day or two.

What have you been up to today? Are you also considering moving permanently to the freezer? 😀

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A few recommendations

It’s 800 degrees today. Seriously! I’m sitting and thinking to myself how hot it is, and a status update on facebook pops up saying, “Our smoke alarms went off because of the heat”. That’s my point! My brain feels like it’s melting.

So instead of a useful, thoughtful, interesting post you get this – a recommendation for a YouTube channel that I love.

Go check out Grav3yardgirl! She’s amazing and funny and I stalk her every day 😀

Also, go follow RandomDanishCitizen – I stalk her every day, too! 😀

Aaaaalso, here’s a link to a “26 signs That It’s Too Freaking Hot Outside” funny post!

Enjoy! I’ll make sure to get a useful post ready for tomorrow (well, I’ll try 😉 )

How are you guys coping with the heat?

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Wet N Wild Haul – I won a giveaway!

Wet N Wild giveaway

Awesome price!

Yay! Lucky me won a wonderful giveaway at Skønhed Og Tips. They had 3 prices, and I won 2nd price. I’m SO excited because it was the one I found most interesting. First price was a lot of awesome nail polish but since I bite my nails, it  really don’t use nail polish enough to justify getting so many. 3rd price was a Mentholatum set which was really nice. And what did I win, you ask?

A makeup bag full of Wet N Wild products! It completely saved my otherwise pretty horrid day and I’m so glad to have received them now. Here’s what the bag contains.

From the left:

* Coloricon Eye Shadow Single in the color Envy
* MegaGlo Illuminating Powder in the colors Catwalk Pink
* Fast Dry Nail Color in the color Silvivor
* Wild Shine Nail Color in the color Black Créme
* Megalast Nail Color in the color Tropicalia
* Coloricon Eye Shadow Trio in the color Knock on Wood
* Megalast Liquid Lip Color in the color Raisin’ The Roof
* Megaslicks Lip Gloss in the color Sun Glaze
* Megaliner in the color Brown
* Glassy Gloss in the color Poppy Glaze
* Megaimpact Mascara in the color Very Black

I’m most excited about the Eyeshadow Trio because I saw swatches of it on Youtube and fell completely in love with it. I’m also lowing the MegaGlo powder, the nail polishes for my summer-toes and the lipglosses.

I already have an eyeshadow which looks like the Envy one, and I don’t wear brown eyeliner so those two are most likely not going to be a part of my makeup collection for very long. Not because there’s anything wrong with the products, but because I’m running low on space.

The mascara I haven’t tried yet but I’ve wanted to try something new for ages so I’m looking forward to it (:

All in all, a wonderful price which I’m very happy about, and I do really recommend that you check their blog out.


Nothing is sponsored, but I did with these things fair and square in a giveaway (:

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Normal Haul!

Look what magically appeared in front of me!

Normal Haul

Normal Haul, wee!

Okay, I fell in the same hole of “Oh My God, a Normal store just opened in Odense” as everyone else. But I actually restrained myself very well and only bought things I actually needed/didn’t have, except for a single little eyeshadow palette which my ever-helping boyfriend tried to talk me out of (“Babe, aren’t you going to buy more stuff? Honey, look, you didn’t check this entire row out at all” – no, I know, I was trying NOT to!)

I was really amazed at the kewl stuff they have in there and my boyfriend was pretty much over the moon, too – while they may have a lot of female customers for a reason, no guy would walk in there feeling like he couldn’t find something nice for himself. So, what did we get?

Normal haul Odense

My awesome things from the haul!

From the left:

* Pretty Smooth Assorted Wax Strips – 21 kr
* Batiste Dry Shampoo – 39 kr
* Athena Beaute Shaving Gel – 15 kr
* Angelica Perfume – 29,-
* Jimmy Too Perfume – 29,-
* Rexona Roll On – 12 kr
* W7 Catwalk Complexion Compact Powder – 29,-
* W7 Purple Haze Eyeshadows – 25 kr
* Stackable Body Wash Poppy – 10 kr

Yes, I got a Batiste dry shampoo like every single other person who has visited Normal. But really, I ran out of dry shampoo two weeks ago and nothing I’ve found so far has smelled like something I didn’t gag over. And while Batiste is far from the cheapest dry shampoo ever, at least it smells nice and not like you were desperately trying to save your hair with something you found in your grandma’s closet (really, did I mention I don’t like the smell of most dry shampoos out there? Because I really don’t)

The perfumes are so nice, and for that price I just had to get two. W7 products I usually buy online but I figured I might as well try it out now that it was right in front of me, right? 😉 Normal has testers for everything so I swatched the Purple Haze eyeshadows (and ruined my entire no-buying-things-I-have challenge) and I swatched the powder since I’m running really low on what I have at home. Well, the swatch was perfect. Too bad some people find it funny to rearrange things so I got one that’s a shade darker than it should have been. Not nice, people… don’t do that!

The Rexona roll on is nice and cheap, the was strips ditto, and the body wash I bought because it was tiny and I love tiny things to no end. I’ve tried the shaving gel alreadt and I have to say, I’m pretty amazed. I usually have to use that super expensive Gillette sensitive because my legs itch so much after just a normal shower so you can’t even imagine what happens if I use something on my legs that isn’t “me-proofed”. But this doesn’t make me break out or turn red or anything! I wish it foamed a little more but that’s just because I’m a child inside and like foam – it does it’s job flawlessly and for 15 kr it’s definitely not the last time I’m buying this!

My boyfriend got a few things as well, though only three care-related things (the rest was candy and such) but I still think you should see it, if you’re having trouble dragging your boyfriends to a Normal store or you’re a guy interested in what they can offer you.

Normal Haul Old Spice Axe

My boyfriend’s part of the haul!

I don’t remember the exact prices but they were all somewhere around 15-20 kr each, so really affordable as well. And they have so much to choose from that you’re bound to find something you both like.

All in all, YAY for Normal! The only thing I don’t understand about their entire (amazing) concept is their name – why “Normal”? I feel like I’m not getting some inside joke, but then again, in this heat it’s amazing I’m even functioning somewhat.

Have you been to a Normal store yet? Do you want to or do you think it’s just over-hyped?


Nothing is sponsored (:


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