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My first day of school and personal posts

Good things about today:

– I had my first day of my new school and it was excellent. Awesome people, amazing subject and most of all, I’m so excited about finally doing something I really have a passion for that I can’t stop blabbing about it!

– I got to see squirrels in real life! (yes, I know they’re fairly common but I haven’t ever seen one that hasn’t been on TV, so I’m way more excited than I should be)

Bad things about today:

– It’s 8.000 degrees outside. My head is dying slowly but painfully and I can’t get a grip to do anything useful or productive in any way.

– I didn’t bring my keys with me, knowing my boyfriend would be home. Boyfriend decided to go to the store while I was sitting in the bus, thinking he could make it. He couldn’t. Sweaty, overheated and needing to pee, I wasn’t amused.

I thought it would be much harder to get up early in the mornings. Even though I have a kid, my boyfriend takes him in the morning because I’ve been very tired due to my sickness so that worked best for us – he took the kid, I slept and took care of dinner and cleaning. Now I have to take two buses to get there (and two to get back, sigh – it was so much easier when I lived a 20 min. walk from my school) which means I have to get up painfully early. I’m just not a morning person and never will be, so combined with the heat and the sickness still taking it’s toll, it will be a challenge. Still, I’m so excited about this that I don’t even care about getting up early, it’s that awesome.

I’d also like to know what you think about these kind of personal posts where it’s not all just about makeup and products? I love blabbing about anything and everything but I’ve just had a phase with makeup-obsession and no freetime so it shone through in my posts. Now that I’m actually starting up again and feeling the energy return, I’m thinking a few more personal posts would be good to, yeah?

Not that I can imagine why my life would be interesting to anyone but I think most of us feel that way once in a while. At least I know I love reading people’s personal posts and I love writing about other stuff than just makeup, too, so maybe we should give it a try.

What do you think? Yay or nay for more personal posts?

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com


  • Everyone should definitely get the chance to see a squirrel in real life, they are SO cute!
    And definitely yay to the whole thing about more personal posts, I like them the best which I think that you know, but I definitely know the thing where you almost only blog about one subject, because not much is happening or you don’t have time to come up with something extremely original and brilliant 😉

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    • Squirrels are amazing! 😀

      And I’ll do my best to try writing some more personal posts. Sometimes it’s just a little hard because there’s a lot going on and sometimes quite the opposite, like you say – nothing’s going on. But now that I’ve started up again I’m hoping the summer laziness will pass so I can write a little more often! (:

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