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eBay Goodies - July edition

Goodiebox July 2014 – Greenish Beauty

Another Goodiebox is here! And I know a lot of you haven’t received it yet so I’m putting the post under a cut for a little while until it’s fair to make it all readable in one go. I (hopefully) managed to put just this single post under a “read more” cut, but otherwise I’ll just change my settings until everyone has their boxes 😉

Goodiebox Juli 2014 July

Goodiebox July 2014

Anyways, this month’s box I predict will cause one of three emotions in people. One is going to be love, the other hate, and the third a “Ehm… okay?” kind of response. I fit in the third category for this box, which looks like this:

Goodiebox July Juli 2014

5 items and some vouchers

Goodiebox July Juli 2014

What do you think?


To start with the boring things first, this box contained an information folder about one of the products. It’s just that – an info folder; no offers of any kind, just waste of paper. Not impressed.

Then there’s the Body Shop “voucher” which actually comes with a member card. Nice initiative but nothing you can’t do on your own. In fact, you have to go personally to a Body Shop store to activate it, and if you’ve ever been in a Body Shop store you know they make it known you can become a member! Alternatively you can click yes to become a member online when you’re making a purchase. But of out of personal experience I can tell you they have a lot of issues with their online membership things. If you decide to use this offer you get 20% off a single item, and this offer lasts until August 28th. It’s not even a Goodiebox restricted/personal thing – the code you use when making a purchase is “PRODUKT20” so everyone can use it. Again, not very impressed. To me it looks like they put this in there to make it look like there was more than there actually is.

And the products?

Iroha Nature Repair & Nourishing Hand & Nail Gloves – est. price, 49 kr

Naobay Moisturizing Peeling – est. price 100 ml, 149 kr

Urtekram Nourishing No Perfume Hand Cream – 75 ml, 44,95 kr

Klorane Citron-Ekstrakt Shampoo – 400 ml, 129,50 kr

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Concentrate – 50 ml, 375 kr

At first glance the box doesn’t look like much at all. When you remove the “vouchers” there’s very little left. So what do I think about the products?

The hand gloves seem like a good product, genuinely. I don’t have issues with dry hands right now but sometimes I randomly get some weird excema thing on them and they dry up so much they actually crack and start bleeding. Not nice! So this one is definitely something I’ll enjoy trying, even though I have to admit, I don’t think I have the time nor the patience to make them stay on for long.

The Naobay peeling is actually a really exciting product! I gave the last Naobay thing we got to my mother, not because it didn’t work but because I didn’t like the smell at all, though the product was good. This smell is actually quite nice and I’ve really been looking for at good scrub for my face so I’m excited to try it out. Like many things, this promises no bad stuff is added to the product.

The Urtekram hand cream is… well, small. I can’t put in in any other way. I get that one of the products were expensive which explains the size of the other products, but for a product that costs “only” 50 kr ofr 75 ml, I think this sample size should have been bigger. Other than that it seems fine and I’ll be sure to try it out like the rest 😉

The Klorane shampoo? Just… not my thing. It’s a French pharmacy brand, supposedly really gentle to your hair, made only on natural ingredients, etc. But the thing is, I HATE the smell of fake lemon. Anything that isn’t an actual lemon but (supposedly) smells like it makes me sad. To me it all smells like toilet cleaner and I don’t want my hair to smell like my toilet. I’m sure a lot of people will love the smell, I just can’t stand it.

And the last thing which is definitely the “main” thing of the box – the Body Shop “Drops of Youth” serum. And? I don’t know. I really can’t seem to make up my mind about this one. On the plus side, it’s definitely not something I would ever have purchased myself so I get to try it out. If it works, it would be amazing – it promises to soften your skin, make the cells grow faster, and keep it healthy, all while having anti-aging things going on – with just a few drops of serum. And with 50 ml in the box, even if you used it every day it would keep for a long time.

The downside? I’m not sure I believe in a serum like this. How would 3 drops make any difference to your skin? Isn’t it just an over-hyped item which is far too expensive compared to what it really does? The smell is a little strange more more good-strange than What-the-hell-is-this strange, and I’ll definitely look very much forward to see what I end up thinking about this!

This box contains items for a total of 477 kr (give or take) with the Body Shop product pulling most of the weight.

Either you’re going to love this or your not a fan of the Body Shop serum and you’re going to hate it. Removing the serum you have items for around 102 kr so if you’re not a fan of it, you definitely haven’t gotten your money’s worth. But the entire point of Goodiebox is testing out som new items you maybe wouldn’t have bought yourself, so all in all, I’m satisfied with this box, though it’s not one of my favorites.

What do you think about it?

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com


  • Super lækre sager!

    Du er være hjertelig velkommen til at kigge forbi –
    Knus Michelle Eckert // michelleeckert.bloggersdelight.dk ♥

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  • Jeg er helt vild med serumet!
    Jeg kan meget (!) tydeligt se at mine porer bliver mindre. Men jeg har også rimelig store porer.
    Derudover synes jeg at den har en fantastisk duft.
    Men ja, resten af boksen er ikke just noget at råbe hurra for..

    Mvh Betina

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Jeg er begyndt at falde for serumet, må jeg indrømme. Især duften er overraskende god, da jeg ofte har problemer med dufte i produkter, og min hud har ikke slået ud så det er jo fantastisk indtil videre.

      Hvis man kan lide serumet er det jo en super box, værdimæssigt. Hvis man ikke kan lide det er det jo bare lidt… tja, fladt? Håber da jeg skifter mening efterhånden som jeg får produkterne afprøvet men det er tydeligt at se at de har sat alle pengene på én hest. Ej, dårligt ordsprog… det må være varmen 😉 (ja, jeg lurede på din blog).

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