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Makeup Revolution Haul #2 - The lip products

eBay Goodies – A dress, some brushes and some beads

I’m struggling a little with not buying makeup but I know I don’t need anymore right now, so it’s fine. The only thing I know I’ll definitely have to buy before September is foundation because I’m running out.

Instead, I decided to see if they had any fun stuff on eBay. I’m getting through my Wreck This Journal and figured I could use some more beads and stuff.

eBay dress makeup brushes beads

So excited!

The dress is really lovely and for the price of 46 kr, I decided to take the chance – usually I’m not to keen on buying clothes on sites like eBay but there’s a first for everything.

The striped heart beads cost me 0.06 punds each (0,5 kr) and I bought three. I hope the seller is smart enough to send them together and not a single bead in each pack 😛

The sparkly heart beads cost me 8 kr for a pack of 26 pieces and I got a few other different type of beads as well (:

The makeup brush set is a lovely blue-turquoise color and it costs 77 kr, which I think is really good for 12 brushes.

Some of these were “buy now” items, some of them were auctions, but there’s plenty of similar things all over eBay if you’re looking to get something for yourself. I’m really looking forward to the brushes because I have very few brushes right now and it’s annoying to have to wash them constantly.

 What do you think? What eBay goodies have you bought lately?


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