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Makeup Revolution has arrived!

Shop My Stash!

I’ve bought so many products and so much makeup recently that I seriously have NO idea where to even put my latest purchase, not to mention I ordered some more (very last order, though!). So I think it’s time to do a round of Shop My Stash/Project Pan.

Rules are simple.

1# – No more buying things I already have until I use up what I already own.

2# – If I don’t feel like using it up and want a new one, I have to give the current item away.

3# – I can only buy something I don’t already have (i.e. I can buy a face scrub if I don’t own any but not a lotion since I own 347565 of them – even if I don’t have the exact same one as the one I used up)

4# – The Goodiebox is of course excluded from this 😉

This will go on from today until September 1st, so that I can really use up what I have. Of course, I can use my other products as well but I’m putting some focus on these. Some of these products are going to be pretty much impossible using up in the span of 2 1/2 month but I’m going to give it a try.

The list of things I’m trying to use up are as follows:

1# – Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser (I just got this in a Goodiebox and while I really love it, I hate tiny little things taking up place in my bathroom, so it needs to go)

2# – Eucerin DermoPurifyer Toner (This is actually one of my very favorite products – when I remember to use it! So I think it’s time to use it up since there’s less than 1/4 of the bottle left)

3# – The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub (I love the Body Shop but just like my Eucerin, I’m just so bad at remembering to use them! This body scrub is lovely, but XL sized, so I’ll count it as a win if I can at least get to the middle of the tub)

4# – The Body Shop Coconut Body butter (Same as the other Body Shop product 😉 )

5# – Manhattan Cover Stick Concealer Sand (I bought this since it was only like a pound, but since I have my Revlon Color Stay Under Eye Concealer I haven’t really been using it at all)

6# – ID Hair Most Wanted Duo Shot Multi-Leave-In (Another product that I really love but haven’t been using much lately because I keep finding new, similar things that I have to try. It needs more love)

7# – Sebastian Trilliance Shine Conditioner (I bought this ages ago and I don’t think I’ve actually even used it. I figured I’d wait until I’d used up my current conditioner but since that’s 1 liter of conditioner (which I’m finally getting to the bottom off) I forgot all about this one)

8# – Bourjois Elastic Mascara (I bought this along with another mascara but I just automatically grab for the other one. This won’t ever be my favorite mascara but I need to see if I can put it to some use)

9# – Manhattan 123 Clear Compact Powder Vanilla (This is a pretty decent product, actually. I just have so pale skin that it’s hard to find something that matches, so when I finally found something else that worked, I just stuck to that one)

10# – Maybelline MNY My Gloss (373) (This gloss is fine, it’s just that I like my other ones better – like so many other things – so I’ve only used it a few times)

I hope to use at least some of these up as I’m getting tired of having no space in the bathroom. Then I can always review them as I get through them and decide whether they’re worth repurchasing or not.

What do you think about the Shop My Stash concept? Are you up for a challenge? I’d love to get in touch with a few other bloggers so we could link to each other’s challenges and keep each other motivated (:


Nothing is sponsored (:

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

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Makeup Revolution has arrived!