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Makeup Revolution Haul #2 – The lip products

As promised, the second part of the second haul – the lip products. I already did a post about the eye products here.

Makeup Revolutio HaulThis is what I bought

Like I said last time, I bought five lip lacquers and three lipsticks. I tend to focus on the eyes so I usually just wear gloss but it’s always good to try something new, right?

The lip lacquers are from their Velvet Matte line and I couldn’t decide so I just got five out of the seven they have.

Salvation Velvet Matte Lip LacquerFrom the left: Keep Crying For You, Keep Lying For You, What I Believe, You Took My Love, and Keep Trying For You.

Except for the fact that I really don’t like their names (they just sound so needy) I like the actual product. The colors are really bright and in no way a gloss and they are very matte so if you like a shine to your lips, like yours truly, I’d suggest you invest in a see-through gloss to put on top.

All of them are wearable although some of them are definitely more subtle than others. The last two on the first picture are really meant for focus on your lips, whereas the rest can do with a bit stronger eye makeup.

And of course, a few swatches so that you can see what they look like on really pale skin 😉

DSC_0030From the left: Keep Lying For You, Keep Crying For You, You Took My Love, What I Believe, Keep Trying For You

I have to say, though, if you have chapped lips – like me – you might want to fix that first because it shows a little too much when you’re wearing these. And either way, remember to take care of your lips ’cause these matte products are really drying.

Makeup Revolution LipsticksFrom the left: 100% Vamp, The One and You Took My Love

The only lipstick I own besides these is a cheap-o purple lipstick I bought 348 years ago. Because I was goth and purple was cool (Don’t you love those embarrassing days where you didn’t know how to do your makeup so you looked like an idiot? Yeah, me neither).

But I actually really do love purple and especially purple lipstick, so while it may seem very dark to a lot of people, I know it’ll soon become one of my absolute favorites.

The nude lipstick is actually… too nude for my lips! Usually when I buy things like foundation I have to choose the lightest colors they have because apparently I was born half vampire. But my lips often look like they have color on them, even when they don’t, so this one actually makes them look pretty pale. Not in a bad way, though. The problem with naturally pink lips is that it’s sometimes hard to rock a full-blown eye look because it looks like you’re wearing a ton of gloss. So I’m very happy I bought this, even though it’s definitely only going to be used to give my eye makeup a chance 😉

You Took My Love is gorgeous. Flat-out gorgeous! If you could only buy one of the lipsticks they have, this would be it. As 1 pound per lipstick you can pretty much stock up on the entire line, though 😉

Makeup Revolution 100% Vamp The One You Took My LoveThe amazing colors

Makeu Revolution Lipstick Swatches The One 100% Vamp You Took MYy Love

The swatches

All three are very creamy and glide on flawlessly. I would, however, recommend a lip pencil since they do rub out a little too fast if you don’t let them dry properly but for the price I’m not bothered.. What I do is apply a layer, “kiss” a piece of paper, and apply another layer. It seems to stick better that way.

PS – after I took the picture of the swatches I went to remove them. I spent 3 cotton swabs and a lot of product remover and rubbing and I still couldn’t get all of it off.

Makeup Revolution Haul Swatches LipstickSame happened with the lip lacquers!


What do you think? Are you going to try any of these? (:


Nothing is sponsored and all pictures are mine

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com


  • Laura

    Super Haul! Elsker simpelthen Makeup Revolution – så billigt men så fantastiske produkter 😀
    Havde du problemer med at Lip Lacquerner “smuldrede” af efter et stykke tid? Hver gang jeg bruger mine så smuldre de fuldstændigt alle vegne når jeg bevæger mine læber ):

    Har selv lige postet et review af deres ‘Makeup geek’ palette hvis du skulle være interreseret i den (:

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Jeg er forelsket i Makeup Revolution! 😉 Jeg har kun haft problemer med at de smuldrer når mine læber er tørre – dog synes jeg den røde kan være værre end de andre. Ved ikke om det er fordi den er så stærkt pigmenteret.

      Og kigger helt sikkert forbi så snart jeg kan, er altid interesseret i reviews af ting jeg ikke burde bruge penge på 😉

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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