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Makeup Revolution has arrived!

And man, do I love it! I spent AGES pulling those little plastic thingies off (you know, those they put on so you can’t use it and return it) and started to think I would die in the process but I finally made it. Also, my laptop broke down so while we’re fixing it, I have absolutely nothing useful on it – I’ve only installed my camera’s uploader program but I can’t edit the pictures at all. As a bonus, I was too excited to try it out to find a nice spot to take the pictures – so enjoy my amazing, un-editet, red-is-a-really-bad-background-color pictures! 😀

DSC_0908All of this for under 300 kr!

DSC_0910From the bottom left: Essential Shimmers, Romantic Smoked, Iconic 2

DSC_0911From the left: Iconic 1, Essential Mattes

DSC_0909If you want to know the name of a specific color, just ask (:

Seeing as there are a total of 69 colors, I’ve decided to just do a swatch of one palette for a start. If you’re interested in seeing swatches for some of the other things, just leave me a comment and I’ll get around to it as soon as I can.

I’ve chosen the Iconic 1 palette because I wanted to try it out straight away.

DSC_0920The swatches are done from left to right


In this row I simply love nr. 2 and 4!

DSC_0924These are darker than the first ones but they all differ between mattes and shimmers

I’ve tried out no. 1 and 2 today. They’re the lightest shades but I didn’t have the time to play around with too much color today, so I chose something easy. I’m looking forward to trying out the gold one and the last two when I get more time.

I won’t review it yet since I want to test it out first, but so far I can easily say that the colors are very nicely pigmented and stay on for a good while even without primer, so if you’re looking to use the 25% off code they have this month, definitely go for it! You can’t get better for 4 pounds, I’m sure!

Have you tired Makeup Revolution yet?


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