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Finally back again! :D

Gardens, green squares and a fever from Hell

I’ve been sporting a really weird on-and-off fever for the past week or so. I feel fine enough, but my skin feels like that dude from the Fantastic Four! As a bonus, I don’t handle the heat well so I’ve had a headache every single day for the past week. Woho! Or not. Sadly, that means the blog quickly went back to being dead again. But it’s really not easy writing a blog post when your head is trying to kill you. Did I mention 90% of my headaches are migraines? Yeah, I’m so lucky.

Anyways, I’ve managed to fix up the garden quite a bit. All the tiles had icky green stuff between them and I spent two days removing it. My hands are extremely dead but it was so much worth it! And I’ve finally planted a few things as well, so I’m looking very much forward to seeing if I can manage not to kill it 😀

DSC_0516Nevermind the green squares 😉

All the tiles looked like that to begin with, and it’s easy to see the difference between the ones I did and the ones I needed to do. Now they all look lovely! (: Too bad we’re going to take them up because we want grass 😉

And the green squares? Well, I’ll show you what they were for in the next post 😉

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

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Finally back again! :D