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Semper baby food - hit or miss?

Finally back again! :D

Dear God, what a mess it’s been in my head! 10.000 things to do and not enough time to do them. Finally, it’s starting to ease up as we’ve settled down (well, mostly… we’re still living out of a few boxes and suit cases) and the kid has started daycare.

Yesterday we decided to try out our new grill since we actually have a garden now. As soon as I started with the lighter? HURRICANE. Okay, not really, but it sure as Hell felt like it. After an hour of trying we gave up and put the food in the oven. 15 minutes later all the wind was gone. I was not a happy camper, I tell you!

As for the actual house we’ve come pretty far since moving-day. The playroom looks like a playroom, although not at all finished, the little dude’s bedroom is also pretty much cleared from boxes (only, yesterday he thought it amusing to pull out ALL his clothes from the two bottom drawers so… more work for the mommy :D) and we’re all in all not tripping over boxes anymore, so I’d say it’s progress.

I have to take a VERY large box to the post office soon so until next time – adios! 😉

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com

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Semper baby food - hit or miss?