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Gardens, green squares and a fever from Hell

I’ve been sporting a really weird on-and-off fever for the past week or so. I feel fine enough, but my skin feels like that dude from the Fantastic Four! As a bonus, I don’t handle the heat well so I’ve had a headache every single day for the past week. Woho! Or not. Sadly, that means the blog quickly went back to being dead again. But it’s really not easy writing a blog post when your head is trying to kill you. Did I mention 90% of my headaches are migraines? Yeah, I’m so lucky.

Anyways, I’ve managed to fix up the garden quite a bit. All the tiles had icky green stuff between them and I spent two days removing it. My hands are extremely dead but it was so much worth it! And I’ve finally planted a few things as well, so I’m looking very much forward to seeing if I can manage not to kill it 😀

DSC_0516Nevermind the green squares 😉

All the tiles looked like that to begin with, and it’s easy to see the difference between the ones I did and the ones I needed to do. Now they all look lovely! (: Too bad we’re going to take them up because we want grass 😉

And the green squares? Well, I’ll show you what they were for in the next post 😉

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Finally back again! :D

Dear God, what a mess it’s been in my head! 10.000 things to do and not enough time to do them. Finally, it’s starting to ease up as we’ve settled down (well, mostly… we’re still living out of a few boxes and suit cases) and the kid has started daycare.

Yesterday we decided to try out our new grill since we actually have a garden now. As soon as I started with the lighter? HURRICANE. Okay, not really, but it sure as Hell felt like it. After an hour of trying we gave up and put the food in the oven. 15 minutes later all the wind was gone. I was not a happy camper, I tell you!

As for the actual house we’ve come pretty far since moving-day. The playroom looks like a playroom, although not at all finished, the little dude’s bedroom is also pretty much cleared from boxes (only, yesterday he thought it amusing to pull out ALL his clothes from the two bottom drawers so… more work for the mommy :D) and we’re all in all not tripping over boxes anymore, so I’d say it’s progress.

I have to take a VERY large box to the post office soon so until next time – adios! 😉

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Semper baby food – hit or miss?

Our son is a BLW baby which means that since the age of 5,5 months he’s been eating by himself and eating everything we had for dinner. No baby-mushy food at all. So when we were asked if we wanted to try out Semper‘s new porridge I was a little skeptical – what would it look like, my son trying to eat porridge by himself, spoon-less? Would he even like it?

DSC_0457The 4 different varieties we got to try out

As it turns out, he does! And I completely understand why. When they say, “with apple” they mean apple, not apple-taste. I once drank 1 liter of “100% apple juice”. I can tell you now, there wasn’t an ounce of apple in it. I’m highly allergic to apple so if I can take it, there’s no apple in it. Semper’s Wholegrain Porridge with Pear and Apple made my allergy go crazy so I know for a fact that they use good quality products 😉 There is no sugar in it at all (which you can also easily taste) which means I don’t mind giving my son Semper even though it isn’t homemade. Sugar and preservatives is a no-go for parents so that’s another huge reason we’ve fallen in love with Semper – they only use natural ingredients.

You just mix the Semper powder with water and there’s your meal. We’re weaning him off his bottle now so we’ve started introducing Semper porridge for breakfast as a substitute. While it’s much more clean-up for mommy, the kid really enjoys it 😉

We’ve tried a few different versions and pretty much all of them were a hit. Personally I think the Dinner porridge with Rice, Pasta and Carrot is a little bland on it’s own, but very nice if you add some veggies yourself. The absolute favorite, though, is Wholegrain Porridge with Pear, Apple and Raspberries. We always have to serve two portions of that one!

There are quite a few varieties to choose from. They start from 4 months to 1 year, so it’s easy to pick something for your baby that fits his or hers current needs. You can see all of them here on Semper’s website. No matter if you swear to homemade food like us or just give your kid bought food, Semper is definitely recommendable. It’s also super easy to take along on a trip if you have a non-BLW baby because all you need is water and the powder. 5 stars from here! We’re really positively surprised (:

PS – you don’t really have to be a baby to eat Semper’s porridge… it’s great for a healthy snack 😉


This post is sponsored by Semper but all opinions are completely my own, as always (:

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Almost there…

Still not dead. Just had to endure a migraine for the entire day yesterday, and we’re still unpacking because there’s a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff.

I’ve ordered spray pain for Dumle’s (yes, we’ve nicknamed him Dumle) chair&table set as well as his Ikea kitchen (which we need to buy first… whopsie) and upholstery spray paint for his two small chairs. I was so lucky to find this one for 20 kr on a flea market. Only to find a similar one the next weekend – for 10 kr!

DSC_0340It looks a lot better in real life – and completely dry

So now it’ll get some blue paint and hopefully look a little better. And then I can maybe reveal… we’re making his bedroom into a Doctor Who room! Probably going to take some time since Doctor Who merch is preeetty damn expensive, but completely worth it!

I promise to update with picture as soon as possible! I know it’s been quiet here lately but I’m almost back 😉

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