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To Cake or Not to Cake?

Yesterday, we watched an episode of Doctor Who, with Shakespeare. It’s one of the better ones, in my opinion. Usually we watch from 21.00 since the kid is asleep at that time.

This evening we’ll have to postpone it, though – my boyfriend is having a birthday party tomorrow and I’m making cake!

blog_dieBad at baking? Me?

Admittedly, baking isn’t my thing. Cooking? OH YEAH. Baking? I think you have a better chance of surviving the Apocalypse. My boyfriend doesn’t agree with me and I must admit, they do taste rather fine. I’m just a perfectionist so not a lot is needed before I’m not satisfied with the result.

Either way, the cake is under the making – homemade cake, coconut cream and Daim cream (which has to stay in the fridge for 8 hours MINIMUM before it can go in the cake – so I have to put it together at 21.00) and a fondant cover, which is only the second time I’m going to try that. I imagine it would be easier if you had something to make round cake in – we don’t, so the cake ends up looking a little winded.

However, my boyfriend doesn’t care at all. I made a rehearsal cake and he thought it looked amazing – while I wanted to shoot myself in the face. So when he sees this one, with something very special about it, I know he’s going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And the effort counts as well – every single thing about the cake will be homemade.

I can’t wait to show you a picture of it! (:

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