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First box is packed!

And finally, may I add. You always think, “I have enough time, three more weeks is plenty”. But “three more weeks” quickly turns in to “two more weeks” until you hit the we’re-moving-tomorrow-and-nothing-is-packed stage (What? I can’t be the only one who does that!) and that’s a stage I don’t need while sick, stressed and having to pack while looking after my little boy.

Who, by the way, decided to help his mommy pack 😀 I put something in the box, he took it out. I put it back, he took it out. I put it back – he left it. I WON! … only to find out he had crawled out to his room’s door and ripped the head of his 3D sticker deer. Oh well.

Most of the “office” is packed now so I’m happy with the progress. Tomorrow we’re taking pictures of the things we’re selling and during the weekend I’ll try to sort out my clothes and my books.

21 more days!

(and I’m still sick so once again, no fascinating posts or pictures – I promise I’ll be back strong as soon as I stop amusing myself with this fever)

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Sorting out my books

LibraryMy dream living room looks something like this

First of all, I would like to apologize for the constant silence on the blog. First day of daycare I managed to get some virus, which I then passed on to my boyfriend and son. Poor little guy threw up over half our giant sofa, he was really sick 🙁

But now I finally have a little time to relax since he’s feeling much better (daycare again tomorrow, after a week, yay!) and is playing with daddy, and I decided to write a post about books!

Yes, books. No make-up, no reviews, books. I have around 300ish books, give or take, and most of them I know I’ll read someday. Some mean a lot to me so I won’t get rid of them ever. But there are always those books you deep inside know you’re never going to read but you can’t seem to let go of it anyways. You know, because what if you suddenly wanted to read it!? (Between all those books that you actually want to read, this is highly unlikely to happen)

Then one of my friends gave me a wonderful idea. Every year she sorts out her books and gives them away. And I think I could consider doing the same. Maybe, for once, I could part with the books I know I’ll never read and the books I’ve read but won’t read again. Maybe I could actually even have a living room that doesn’t swim in books!

Okay, the last one? No chance. But the rest will be my goal. I’m going to try to sort out some books before we move (in 3 weeks!) and give them away! This is a huge thing for me because I’m extremely attached to my books, so if I manage to sort out at least 5 books, I’ll be very proud of myself.

Who doesn’t like free books, right? 😉

Do you like to read? And do you collect books or do you just borrow them?


The picture is borrowed from the internet and doesn’t belong to me.

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Playing with bObles!

DSC_0169Did I mention that we like bObles here? 😉

We started out with the elephant but yesterday a shipping of bObles animals arrived, and as you can see in the picture the little man was enjoying himself. We’re looking very much forward to moving in a month since he’ll have a playroom – right now most of his toys, bObles included, are all over the (small) living room floor which makes it very easy to trip on pretty much anything and everything.

So far we’ve managed to “stick” to the purple, jade and lime (not in picture) seeing as his playroom will be in those colors. But since lime isn’t in production anymore and people only want to sell it for a lot of money, we’ll end up with other colors as well, I’m sure.

Do your kids enjoy bObles? (:


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1st Birthday Wishes

In just 2 months (and two days) my little boy will be one! He’s grown so much and learned so much, and just keeps surprising us every day. It’s very hard to believe that such a little raisin who couldn’t even keep awake for an hour now knows how to do so much by himself. Almost as hard as making a wish list for his birthday!

He has a lot of stuff which makes it hard to find wishes for the list. Here’s some of the more interesting things we came up with.


1. bObles / 2. Sansegynge / 3. Bivoksblokke / 4. Årskort til Odense Zoo / 5. Bilibo / 6. Børnebøger / 7. Ikea legekøkken

Instead of wishing for a lot of plastic toys that he doesn’t play with anyways, we took the opportunity to wish for some quality items that would actually be useful for him and us. The biggest wish is bObles since is great for his motor skills. We started with the elephant and today a whole bunch of new bObles arrived because they were on sale, so I had to order them. We’d like a good deal more for his new playroom when we move, so it’s on top of the list. Sadly, it’s very pricey but you’re allowed to wish 😉 Staying on the topic of motorik skills, we’d also love a sense swing since we’ll finally have room for it, as well as the bilibo which looks fun for the mommy as well.

Another big wish is the Ikea play kitchen. If he doesn’t get it from any of the guests, we’re buying him one. Yesterday during his first day of nursery daycare he got a chance to play with it and even though he doesn’t understand the concept of a kitchen yet, he likes to pull and push everything on there, so it was a big hit.

The bee-wax blocks are great for small children since they can be washed off any surface and they’re edible. Well, when I say edible I mean not dangerous to eat – I don’t think they taste too great.

Mostly we’re just hoping to have a nice day that isn’t too hot – last year on his birthday I think we could have cooked eggs on the floor. I’m not a fan of that much heat!

What did you wish for your kids? What are the best gifts they got? (:


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Rosebud Lip Balm review

I’m back with a new review for you guys! This time it’s about lip balms.

As you know, I love the lip balms from The Body Shop but I always love trying new things. Lately, I’ve been trying out a few different ones and was lucky enough to get to test Rosebud Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm from Online-mode.dk. The Rosebud Lip Balm series is an interesting one. It carries a variety of 5 different versions; Minted Rose, Rosebud Salve, Rosebud Strawberry, Rosebud Menthol and Rosebud Brambleberry, which is the one I chose. The line can be found here.

What made me notice it was the very retro and very cool look the cans have; the Rosebud Brambleberry looks like this:

RosebudAwesome retro style!

and as you can see, it looks like one of those treasures you find in your grandmother’s house between all her knick-knacks. The rest of the line has similar looks, with Rosebud Menthol being my favorite design.

So how about the actual product? As always, I’ll rate the different aspects and award stars.

Smell: It has a distinctive smell – a mix of sweet berries with a hint of retro! For some, it won’t be a hit, for others it will be a favorite. I personally like it a lot, I can’t stop smelling it. It’s like something you’d buy in a tiny store as a souvenir and use it on special occasions in order not to use it up! As a bonus, you can smell it faintly after putting it on.

Taste: It doesn’t really taste of anything – no berry flavor but also no bad taste like many delicious-smelling lip balms have. For me, it’s a great thing since I often lick my lips (I know, bad!) and don’t like to taste sticky stuff.

Packaging: We’ve already covered this but to sum up, cool retro packaging! It’s a tin can, instead of one of those cheap plastic ones, which looks much nicer on the bathroom shelf.

Consistency: While smell and packaging are – of course – both very important parts, consistency definitely plays a major role as well. Rosebud Brambleberry’s consistency is like Vaseline, very thin and soft, which means you don’t have to use a lot of product. On your lips it feels moist, but not sticky. I did a kiss-test and it doesn’t rub off at all – something I was very surprised about because the moistness doesn’t go away quickly at all.

Functionality: Now, the most important part – does it work? And I have to say… YES! It definitely works. I was a little biased towards Vaseline-like lip balms since I usually don’t have the best experiences with this kind, but I was pleasantly surprised. It keeps your lips moist and soft, and prevents you from having to re-add product and lick your lips constantly.

The lip balm costs 79,- which is a little pricey for a can of 30 ml, but I’d say it’s worth it. It does make me take a star away because on SU, you could easily live with a better price. But this would be one of the products you invest in because they’re good (:

All in all, I give this product 4/5 stars. Definitely recommendable.


This post is sponsored by Online-Mode. I get to keep the product but the opinions are definitely my own!
The picture is borrowed from Online-mode.dk, since I’m too sick to fiddle with my camera settings right now.

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