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I’m not dead

Well, actually I almost am. Started daycare again Tuesday, Wednesday both me and the little guy were throwing up. Turns out we managed to catch the Noro-virus or as we know it in Danish, Roskilde-syge, which just hasn’t left after 48 h. So today, 7th day, I’m more dead than alive and we’re still aprox. 100 boxes short.

We’re moving on Thursday, which is a little surreal. You get used to living somewhere and it just feels so weird moving even though it hasn’t even been two years. Hell, my son is born in this apartment and we’ll never see it again.

But we’re still more looking forward to it than anything because it’s really time for a change. I can’t wait to settle in and really make a great bedroom and playroom for the little dude 😀

So yeah. Short update from me. I’m still here. Reading your blogs in silence, in between the vomiting (TMI? Probably)

(PS – if you feel like following an interesting person, check out this amazing girl!)

How are you guys? (:

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1 month and 11 days…

… until our little dude is 1! It’s a very big day and even though he won’t understand much of what’s going on, we’re of course still throwing him a party. In two shifts, nonetheless, since my boyfriend’s family is quite large and we don’t have space enough for everyone despite moving to something bigger. So family at noon and friends in the evening. We’ve bought him some bObles a while ago, the snake and the caterpillar, as well as some building blocks, a Fisher Price pirate ship and a birthday train with elephants. We decided it was enough and everything else went on the wish list.

However, I’ve found some great offers on bObles and since that rarely ever happens, I of course bought some more. Whopsie!

DSC_0341Don’t you just love the gift paper? 😀

Usually I wrap gifts myself but I decided to try out their gift-wrapping service since it was free and they had some nice-sounding colors. I thought I picked 2 x lime and one turquoise but it turns out I have fat fingers so it was the opposite. It doesn’t matter since the quality of the paper is amazing, the colors brilliant and the wrapping itself flawless. And if there’s one thing I love, it’s a nicely wrapped gift!

The little, lime one is the multicolor chicken in jade, the long one (I assume) is the multicolor crocodile in jade, and the big one is a worm in jade. I wanted the chicken and the worm in multicolor purple but they were sold out, so I went for jade which is an awesome color. Here’s what the new colors look like:

multiWhich one do you like best?

I’ve also bought a few other bObles used, so all in all – he’s going to have a lot of bObles! Still, we’re hoping we’ll get some more for his birthday since they’re really just great. The two other things in the first picture are a set of luggage, for play, and a wall sticker with dinosaurs which is going in his bedroom. I can’t wait to move! Which is in 7 days time… yikes!

Everything from the top picture is from LirumLarumLeg.dk. It’s the first time I ordered with them but definitely not the last! If you have kids, or grandkids, or a cousin or whatever, and you’re looking for a gift or something for their room, this is definitely recommendable.

What do you think? (:


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50% off of everything! – E.L.F. Cosmetics

Unfortunately, I can’t buy more makeup right now (as much as I’d like to) since we’re moving and all, but that doesn’t mean YOU lovelies can’t use the offer!


E.L.F. has 50% off of everything! If you order for £30 (minimum) you’ll get free shipping and two extra surprise products!

It’s such an amazing offer, I’m so sad that I can’t use it, but I hope many of you will find it useful – either because you know E.L.F. and their products and want to stock up, or because you’ll see it as an opportunity to try E.L.F.’s amazing and cheap products!

The code is: 500414

Here’s the link (:



Nothing is sponsored (:

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To Cake or Not to Cake?

Yesterday, we watched an episode of Doctor Who, with Shakespeare. It’s one of the better ones, in my opinion. Usually we watch from 21.00 since the kid is asleep at that time.

This evening we’ll have to postpone it, though – my boyfriend is having a birthday party tomorrow and I’m making cake!

blog_dieBad at baking? Me?

Admittedly, baking isn’t my thing. Cooking? OH YEAH. Baking? I think you have a better chance of surviving the Apocalypse. My boyfriend doesn’t agree with me and I must admit, they do taste rather fine. I’m just a perfectionist so not a lot is needed before I’m not satisfied with the result.

Either way, the cake is under the making – homemade cake, coconut cream and Daim cream (which has to stay in the fridge for 8 hours MINIMUM before it can go in the cake – so I have to put it together at 21.00) and a fondant cover, which is only the second time I’m going to try that. I imagine it would be easier if you had something to make round cake in – we don’t, so the cake ends up looking a little winded.

However, my boyfriend doesn’t care at all. I made a rehearsal cake and he thought it looked amazing – while I wanted to shoot myself in the face. So when he sees this one, with something very special about it, I know he’s going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And the effort counts as well – every single thing about the cake will be homemade.

I can’t wait to show you a picture of it! (:

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Book giveaway!

I actually managed to pack all my books and to take away 30ish I don’t want anymore! I’m way proud of myself 😀


Now, I don’t like throwing books out so here’s a list of what’s available. If you’re interested in some of it, say the word. You can come pick it up or I can send it to you, if you pay for the shipping. Just throw me a comment or an e-mail.

Danske bøger:
* Biker Bibel
* Isabel Allende – Åndernes Hus
* Tove Ditlevsen – Barndommens Gade
* Stephen King – Manden Der Blev Tyndere
* Ed McBain – Spøgelser
* Dean R. Koontz – Dødens Museum
* Christina Aros – Det er da okay at cykle i pyjamas: en bog om at skabe autentiske børn med super selvværd!
* Anne Fine – Melbørn

English books:
* Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat, Pray, Love
* Arnold Bennett – Clayhammer
* The Forsyte Chronicles 1, 2 & 3
* Vena Cork – Thorn
* Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged
* Modern Short Storie: Young People
* Agatha Christie – And Then There Were None
* Lesley Whiteside – The Spirituality of St. Patrick
* James Austen-Leigh – Memoir of Jane Austen
* Kenneth Clark – Civilization
* The Oxford Companion to English Literature, second rev. 1998
* The Oxford Companion to English Literature, 1987

Many of the books are old (I’m an English student and book-a-holic – what else did you expect?) but they’re all in very good condition and definitely readable. Some of them are standard novel size, some very tiny and some big-ass bricks so please take that into consideration, as some will be more expensive to send than others.

Would you like a book – or 10? 😀

(I know the list counts 22 but I’ve sorted over 10 books away for my mom 😉 )

If you need anything, write to me at thelifeproject@post.com