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Something about lunchboxes

Yesterday we went to talk with the daycare (or “vuggestue” as it’s called in Danish) for the first meeting. They showed us around, we saw where his place is (you know, for jackets and stuff) and had to sign a bunch of papers allowing them to take pictures of him during playtime, etc. I think it’s a little sad that you have to give permission in order to avoid parents flipping shit – seeing as it’s only for internal use in the daycare itself, where only parents will ever see them.

Anyway, since they’ve just merged with the kinder garden right next to them, they’re changing everything up. Sadly, that also means losing their cooking lady so we have to provide lunch for our kids. Either one big lunchbox or two small ones, since they eat twice, and we have to bring a piece of fruit every day for “fruit time” where they all share the fruit.

I love the idea of fruit time, I’d just love it more if I could pay 50 bucks once a month and let them buy the fruit instead of ALWAYS having to have fruit in the house. We eat healthy, we do; but my boyfriend isn’t a fan of fruit and I’m allergic to 90% of it, and since our son is barely 10 months old and spits out more than he chews, it’s a waste buying large quantities of fruit. So basically I’ll have to go buy fruit every other day… What’s more, I’ve been there once during fruit time (I love the sound of that) and there was ONE banana and the rest was apple. None of the 12 children wanted apple and they all wanted banana. What’s even more, our kid might be allergic to apples and pears. This means that if he brings a banana and everyone else brings apples, he’s going to get ONE slice of banana and be unable to have anything else. Not cool.

In other words, we’re going to suggest the payment thing instead 😉

Anyway, we’ve decided to go with just one lunch box. Mommy here forgets things quickly and I don’t want to rummage around a box full of 24 boxes to find two of his.

We’ve ordered this one, and I’m only slightly jealous of my son because it’s so smart!



Lunchbox from Rice

As you can see, it has three different compartments; the blue is the largest one, the green goes in the middle and the smallest one on the top. We’re thinking using the two two for the first, lighter meal, and the big one for the actual lunch.

In comparison, my lunch box looks like this:


Lego lunch box

I wanted one for forever and when I found it for 20,- after school had started and all the kids had bought lunchboxes, I decided that I was immature enough to get it!

Like the lunch boxes? What does yours look like? (:


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