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Favorites – Almodas edition!

I was browsing the internet, looking for summer clothes (did I mention it’s already summer in my head?) and fell over a little web shop I haven’t heard about before.

Almodas carries a selected variation of clothes, accessories and make-up and I’ve fallen completely in love with a few of their things! As a bonus, the prices are actually quite neat.

AlmodasA little Aztec love

From the top left:

Journey Weekend Bag, 199 kr – I’ve fallen completely in love with this bag!
Stone Gold earrings, 99 kr – I love the combination of gold and black in this one.
Lipsy Aztec dress, 399 kr (sale 200 kr) – Fun and different for the first summer party!

Almodas2A little summer love

From the top left:

Lipsy Skater dress, 650 kr (sale 325 kr) – A little pricy but oh so lovely!
Dope necklace, 179 kr – This is so quirky and I simply love it.
Silver Burst earrings, 59 kr – They have such an amazing glow.

To me, these outfits says “summer with a spin” since I like clothes with a little bit of fun to them. I like both styles but the top one is by far my favorite!

What do you think? Which type of outfit would you rather wear?


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