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Tiger – February edition

Personally I love Tiger. I think it’s a great store with a lot of (sometimes) great stuff and most of it is relatively cheap. For those of you who don’t know, Tiger is the Danish version of a dollar store, except it went from the things costing around 10 kr, to 20 kr, 50 kr and 100 kr. Not something I’m a big fan of ’cause now you can get OH so excited about something! Only to find out it’s not 10 kr but 100 kr…

Either way, the have some great stuff and every month they have new things in. I love checking out their website at the start of a new month because I almost always find something I’d like to get.

Here are my February favorites:



Popcorn box, 20 kr / Bird things, 10-20 kr / Deco tape, 20 kr / Paint, 10 kr

I love the bird set, I’m a sucker for things with “drawings” on them because not everything has to be so perfect and neat. And as always, creative souls can find tons of good stuff in Tiger.

The only downside is that they don’t have a web shop but at least you can see what they’re offering before you decide whether to go pay them a visit or not.

Do you like Tiger? What’s your favorite of their things?


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