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Moving house!

Yesterday we went to see a house because we’re moving. Not want to move, moving. As in, if we don’t get this house we’re finding something else because living here has made us both go completely bonkers; the people upstairs are elephants and they enjoy putting furniture together at 1 am (after nicely going up there to ask them twice to stop it with no luck I almost went up with a knife – but decided to send a complaint instead) while the people downstairs have a kid who amongst other “funny things” throws fireworks inside the building and screams “I don’t want to go to school” every single morning for hours on end.

I get him, I do, but control your child. Anyways, since OAB told us that they won’t throw them out even if they physically attacked us, we don’t have much hope for any peace here. Which is why we’re hoping that even though we’re no. 5. for the house that we’ll get it. It’s super nice, has 20 extra square meters, a tiny garden, playground right in front, and most importantly, a quiet, elderly man as a neighbor. It sounds like heaven.

So, cross your fingers for us that we’ll get notice in a few days that we got it!


PS – for some reason Bloggersdelight finds it amusing inserting random links to things in my posts. For example, the “cross” link – I have no idea what it is (other than advertising, I suppose) and I wouldn’t recommend you click it unless you know what it is.


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