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Valentine's Day ideas and 2nd Anniversary!

Goodiebox #2 – January edition

Today my boyfriend was so lovely as to pick up my Goodiebox!

This month’s theme is “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and I think we can all agree January hasn’t been the warmest month ever; we’re all starting to think about how soon the weather will change and how many days until we can drop the jackets and long boots.

And for most of us, the cold weather hasn’t done anything good to our skin and hair, so I’m really excited about this Goodiebox because the focus is on just that!


Goodiebox January 2014

From the left:

Nivea Cream Care ShowerWhen I was little I loved my parents’ Nivea creams because they we so nice and made your skin so soft without smelling like much. Perfect for someone who wasn’t a fan of perfume! This product lets you skip the lotion after the shower since it functions as both a shower cream and lotion. Looking forward to trying it out.
Fullsize, 250 ml – 22,95 kr

Naobay Extra Nourishing CreamThis products promises a lot; it’s EcoCert’ed and works against dry and damaged skin and it’s basically supposed to be the holy grail of everything nice. I have very bad eczema on my hands during winter so I was excited about this one but after I tried it on, I’ve realized I simply can’t stand the smell! If I don’t like the smell of something, I’ll never get it used, so this one is going to my mother (:
Fullsize, 50 ml – 399 kr

Premae Clemensy Multi-Vit SerumLike Naobay, this product isn’t available in Denmark yet. The function of this is simple – no more redness and flushing skin (don’t we all know the feeling of looking like a tomato after being outside during winter time?) and protects against the harsh wind. As a bonus, it’s allergen-free.
Fullsize, 100 ml – 249 kr

A-Derma Sensifluid Cleansing OilThis is a soap-free “soap”, i.e. cleansing oil, and it has a pretty simple use; it cleans your face and has a calming effect for the skin.
Fullsize, 250 ml – 129,50 kr

Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream – Everyone and their mother are raving about this product!It’s a leave-in mousse that repairs the hair in-depth, maintains the hair moist and leaves the hair nice and soft. It comes in a whipped cream shaped bottle and I have to agree with my boyfriend – it smells like something you’d want to eat! Very excited to try this one out.
Fullsize, 100 ml – 99 kr

I’ve noticed that some people aren’t happy with the lack of make-up but personally I love care-products and since I’m not the biggest make-up collector I’m actually quite happy about this box.

However, I’ve tried the A-Derma product and the Premae Clemensy product and one of them made me get tiny little irritation bumps right away! Such a shame! I used one right after the other so I don’t even know which one, but I guess I’ll find out.

I’ll review the products as I get through them (:

Do you get Goodieboxes? Which products seems the most interesting to you?

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