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Tiger - February edition

Gifts falling apart!

All my gift ideas I had for our anniversary and my boyfriend’s birthday (which is exactly a month minus a day after the anniversary) have gone to shait, to put it as nicely as I can.

Either they sold out, or they were supposed to be part of a gift of which half is now sold out, or I get a message saying that the post office returned the package because “my address wasn’t recognized” (which is funny since all I do is order things online and it always arrives, but of course it would mess up now) which annoys me to no end.

I’ve got the Body Shop products in place, they just need to arrive. The card is bought, the candy is picked out – though I’ll won’t order it yet since fresh handmade chocolate doesn’t keep that well – and the boxes are found.

But the main parts of the gift just can’t seem to work out right now! He keeps telling me it’s okay and that I don’t have to get him anything but I’ll seriously cry if I don’t. I love giving gifts! Usually I have everyone’s gifts (or ideas) ready 6 months before their birthday or Christmas.


This is me right now (minus the blondness)

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Tiger - February edition