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12 ways to show someone that you love them


What is love? Baby, don’t hurt me, don’t- okay, I’ll stop

Even though we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, we still celebrate and nurture our love and relationship.

Here’s 12 things my boyfriend does that – to me – is a sign that he really loves me (:

1. He makes me cocoa every morning. He’s been doing this since we moved in together and even when he’s running late, he still makes time to make me cocoa.

2. He gives me spontaneous hugs. I’m not really a huggy kind of person (as in, really) but since the first time he hugged me it’s made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

3. He takes the kid in the morning so that I can get another half hour/hour of sleep. Until you have kids you won’t be able to fully appreciate how much this shows love.

4. He buys me little gifts. Now, I’m not material and I don’t expect nor really want flowers and jewelry. But he buys me things like Doctor Who and Supernatural stuff, just because he knows it’ll make me happy.

5. He always lets me pick the movie in the end. Even if I can hear that he’d actually rather watch something else.

6. He let’s me warm my cold feet on him when we go to bed. This might not sound like such a big deal but my feet are worse than Antarctica. Seriously, I can’t even touch them against each other because it makes me feel like dying! So yup, definitely love!

7. He sleeps in the same bed as me every night without ever complaining or killing me. I toss and turn like a crazy person and more often than not we wake up because I’m seconds away from pushing him off the bed… (not on purpose, of course!)

8. He always leaves the last piece for me. No matter if it’s chocolate or the last snack in the fridge, he always refuses to take it if there’s no more left because he’d rather I have it.

9. He always picks up my packages. And I order a lot of stuff online. A lot.

10. He’s always willing to try out my weird suggestions, whether it be a new piece of furniture or watching a TV show that I’m a big fan of.

11. He tells me every day that I’m beautiful. Even when I look like an ogre who just got out of bed.

12. He tells me that he loves me. And while this may seem pretty given, it’s not to all people. A lot of people forget to say it to their boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters and kids, but he always remembers to tell me <3

How does your better half show you love? How do you show people that you love them? (:

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  • Because I’m single I haven’t celebrated the day at all either, but getting cozy with a cat and spend a lot of time with Mulder & Scully is also fine!
    I think it’s the small things that really counts in the end and your boyfriend sound amazing! 🙂

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Trust me, sometimes being single is underrated 😉 – sometimes I miss having the bed to myself (like I said, toss and turn) and being able to watch TV shows for an entire weekend.

      Compared to him, I’m like the grumpy PMS lady yelling at the neighbor for being too loud again when I want to sleep… He’s amazing for putting up with me 😉

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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