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Something about exams and giveaways

Annoying. That’s exactly what they are. I’m sick and feel sleepy all the time, like no matter how much I sleep, it’s not enough. Add a 7 month old kid to that and you should all be able to imagine how little I’ve actually managed to write.

I have this evening and tomorrow left to read half a book + 4 long texts as well as write min. 8 pages. And my brain just wants to sleep. And after I turn it in tomorrow I won’t even get a break since we get the next one the day after. Argh!

So… there’s nothing interesting on the blog today other than a few complaints. If I survive my exams I’ll be a happy camper 😀 When – and if – I’m done, I’m doing a giveaway for you so you can look forward to that (:


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28 random facts about me