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Product review – Coconut & Chocomania Lip Butters from The Body Shop


I finally decided to try out the lip butters from Body Shop because even though they’re a little pricey, I figured they’d be good.

As I told you before, I ordered the Coconut Lip Butter and the Chocomania Lip Butter. I was a little “nervous” about the Chocomania one because their other Chocomania products smell a little too much of chocolate, in my opinion. Maybe I was just having a bad day when I smelled them.

I’ve tried both of them out and the verdict is… excellence!

The Coconut one smells very faintly of coconut, a little sad because I love the smell and was hoping for a bit stronger scent. But it gets better when you use it a little more than just the first time. The taste is a little weird; not exactly bad but not something you want to taste more than necessary. My favorite part is the consistency of the product, it’s a bit oily but creamy at the same time, and it makes your lips feel nice and soft for a long time.

The Chocomania one smells soooo nice, like chocolate fudge! My first instinct was to eat it, but I decided to just use it as lip butter instead, and it works perfectly fine. Same consistency and results as the other one, only it tastes a little less weird.

I would definitely recommend these, and you can get them at The Body Shop for 60 kr pr. butter (Coconut and Chocomania)

What’s your opinion of them? Nailed or fail?


Just FYI, I don’t get anything from The Body Shop by mentioning them here, these products are bought and paid for by me.



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