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Lots and lots of products!

Product Haul – NiceHair.dk

I present to you another product haul, this time from NiceHair.dk.

This is my new favorite hair product site because discounts all around! I saved a ton of money on these items (which I will be reviewing later as I get to try them out) and here you get to see what I bought.


From the left, starting from behind.

Osmo Essence Blowdry Potion, 250 ml – 149 kr (on sale for 19 kr)
A stylinglotion that thickens the hair, make any hairstyle last, makes it easy to style and blowdry and leaves it anti-static.

Id Hair Most Wanted Due Shot Multie-Leave-In, 250 ml – 125 kr (on sale for 29 kr)
Can be used as a styling product and a conditioner. Supposedly it’s really good for tangled hair and kids who don’t like to have their hair brushed. It’s also good for people with curly hair and for keeping control over those stray hairs that makes you look like you put your fingers into a socket.

Osmo Essence Illuminating Blinding Shine Finisher, 125 ml – 149 kr (on sale for 39 kr)
A spray product intended as a finish for whatever funky hairstyle you’ve decided to go with that day. It’s made with a lightweight formula that revitalisez the hair without making it sticky. With the added benefit of Cedarwood, which helps improving the health of the scalp.

Osmo Effect Wonder 10 Leave-In Treatment, 25 ml – 39 kr (on sale for 19 kr)
Another leave-in treatment which helps repair dry and damaged hair, while nurturing it. It’s anti-static, keeps your dyed hair fresh-looking and makes it easy for tangled hair to be brushed. Can also be used for blow-drying and styling since it’s heat-protective.

Organic Sexy Hair Moisture Boost, 50 ml – 230 kr (on sale for 39 kr)
This is a funky product which you’re supposed to add to another treatment of your choice (such as a conditioner or a leave-in conditioner) in order to give your hair more volume and boost. 95% organic ingredients. It’s supposed to be great for dry and damaged hair.

Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity, 40 ml – 52 kr (on sale for 39 kr)
This is a product for structure and volume. It doesn’t contain any oils and it good for thin and fine hair. You put it into wet hair for volume or into dry hair to prevent anti-static. No parabenes or sulphates.

So, all in all, most of these products are intended for either fine, thin hair, dry hair, anti-static and/or volume. I’m looking very much forward to trying them out and giving in-depth reviews, hopefully with the message that it works!


For good measure I want to say that I’m in no way getting anything from NiceHair.dk by mentioning them here. All products are bought and paid for by me (:

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