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Etsy favs - Fox edition!

New things and a few changes

There’s a lot going on at home here right now; our son just got accepted into nursery so he’ll be starting in April. My boyfriend starts school again tomorrow after being on paternity leave which means that I have to sit alone with the kid and to make him sleep (for some reason he refuses to sleep on me or have me put him in bed right now so we have to survive a morning nap, an mid-morning nap and an afternoon-nap without dad) and I still have exams left and need to figure out a thesis for my BA paper.

So yeah, there’s a lot of changes going on here. However, not all changes are hard; I just ordered a buggy and I’m so excited! We have an Odder stroller but it’s way too heavy for me to pull out of the basement by myself (because they made it super steep to get up… brilliant) which means my boyfriend has to help out every time.

Now I can do it myself, easily, since it only weighs 5,7 kg and it can be folded and unfolded with one hand, which is really neat when you have a kid in the other. We gave 1600,- for it and it has the coolest cartoon print ever!

StrollerIt’s the Peg-Prego Pliko Mini Classico Cartoon one


This is in no way sponsored; we paid for it ourselves and all opinions are my own (:

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Etsy favs - Fox edition!