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My top 6 favorite Etsy stores!

HUGE product haul – FragranceDirect!

It’s time for another haul! I’ve bought a lot of things this month but then again, who hasn’t? There are 20 items this time, ranging from make-up to body products, and not all of them are for me. Actually, I bought my boyfriend three tubs of hair waxes (on top of the other two I bought him a week ago) so now he’s pretty set. They’re not in the picture, though.

As for me? Well, you be the judge…

DSC_0115From the back left (approximately)

Revitale Collagen Deep Absorbent Nose Patches, for removing blackheads. Probably not going to review this as I may gift it away.

Jasper Conran Woman Body Lotion, this is a gift for my mother so I won’t be reviewing this either

Jasper Conran Mistress Body Lotion, another gift for my mother (:

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo Spray Dawn Till Dusk, A dry shampoo I will be reviewing soon

Hot Tin Roof Classic Dry Shampo, Another dry shampoo which I’m looking forward to testing

Astor Volume Definer Mascara, Mine is in the color Ultra Black 910

Manhattan M Only Eyeshadow Quad, An eyeshadow palette, mine is called Square Dancer and I’m interested in seeing how this will go since one of the colors is red!

Revlon Colorstay Under Eye Concealer, mine is a 04 medium and I’m very much looking forward to trying this one out

W7 The Bronzer Matte Compact, My only bronzer since I’ve never been a fan; we’ll see how it goes

Gadi Hand Cream Travel Pro, This is a handcreme and it’s another gift for my mother (she never buys anything nice to herself so I have to do it for her 😉 )

Maybelline EyeStudio Silky Glam Quad,  An eyeshadow palette, mine is the Smoky Ultra Violet (33) but as you can see, it broke during transport (leaving glitter on everything) so I’m waiting for a response from them

Manhattan Cover Stick Concealer,  Mine is sand 76, another hit-or-miss product since I have no idea what tone I use from their line

Manhattan 123 Clear Compact Powder, I ordered the wrong one so it will be interesting to see the outcome; mine is Beige 75 

Miss Sporty Studio Lash Metallic Eyeliner, One is the Silver Flirt 011 , the other the Purple Hit 013; extremely excited about these!

Manhattan Clearface Perfect Matt Foundation,  A matt foundation, mine is 77 Natural

Maybelline MNY My Gloss,  Mine is in the color 373, a boring name but a nice-looking gloss!

Manhattan Colour Loop Lip Gloss, A funky lipgloss (65H Wildberry) but you do take a little risk since you can’t really tell the outcome of the three colors blended before you try it

Bourjois Mineral Matte Make Up Brush, A tiny little brush; if it works, I’m buying another since I love the size

Manhattan Pro Care Nail Repair, A nail repair polish; it will be interesting to see if it actually works on my nails since they’re really damaged

This is all from FragranceDirect, which have just extended their sales for another week. They are extremely cheap so it’s an excellent thing… if it weren’t for the fact that I really feel compelled to buy just a little more from them. A little. Sigh.

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