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Favorite stores

We all have favorite stores. For some, they’re all about make-up and clothes; for others, video games and toys. For me, it’s a nice little mix of everything and you get to see my top 10 list, in alphabetic order.


1.  Alphageek
2. Amazon.co.uk
3. Awesomebooks
4. Clothingattesco
5. eBay
6. Etsy
7. New Yorker
8. Nicehair
9. Saveonmakeup
10. The Body Shop

Alphageek sells a ton of awesome, geeky stuff; Amazon is the king of everything; Awesomebooks has a lot of awesome books at awesome prices; Clothingattesco is great for baby clothes; eBay is good if you like bargain hunting; Etsy is great if you like homemade and unique; New Yorker has a lot of nice clothes for nice prices; Nicehair is excellent when it comes to hair products; Saveonmakeup gives you an opportunity to get your hands on some pretty cheap make-up; and The Body Shop has really neat products that aren’t tested on animals!

What are your favorite stores? (:




  • Amazon, Ebay, New Yorker and Etsy, You gotta love them all!
    Etsy has a lot of unique stuff and also some supplies if you like being creative, all in all an amazing website! 🙂

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