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Etsy favs – Fox edition!

My fiance loves foxes and I happen to agree that they’re extremely cute and adorable. Our boy has a fox wallsticker in his room but I’d love to have some more fox related things in the apartment (and me).

As always, Etsy delivers – even my wallet doesn’t 😉


Mr. Fox Traveler Mug/Glass Wrap, 56 kr / Sleeping Fox Puch, 84 kr / Fox Bracelet, 185 kr
Felt Fox Pillow, 213 kr / Organic Baby Quilt, 607 kr /City Animal Notebook, 34 kr


Fox Organizer, 54 kr / Valentine’s Day Card, 25 kr / Personalized Fox Mug, 78 kr
Fox Clutch, 308 kr / Fox & Rabbit Mug, 157 kr / Fox Mint Tin, 23 kr

I’d love to have all these things but it’ll stay a dream for now. Some of them are really expensive and the import is crazy. However, if I really were to buy some of the things, I’d definitely go with the mug warmer, the fox organizer and of course the Valentine’s card – just because I know my boyfriend would love it!

What do you think about these things? Which one would you most like to have?


  • Oh, I also got this obsession with foxes lately and at the moment I’m looking at a fox bag, that’s from ebay though, not etsy. I really love the mug warmer as well and the organizer. Don’t really know what I should do with it, but I also really love the little tin box!

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    • Oh, I don’t know what I would do with half the things I want 😀 I just sometimes feel like I HAVE to own something… even if it doesn’t make sense.

      eBay’s a lot cheaper as well 😉

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