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I’m a big, big fan of Doctor Who and even though we’re somewhat behind because of having a baby and all, my boyfriend and I actually watch at least one episode each evening and we enjoy it so much. Currently we’re at the beginning of season 6 so we’re getting close to the episodes I haven’t watched yet. Until then, I’m fighting with myself in order not to give him any spoilers.

There are tons of awesome Doctor Who things that I want but here I’ll show you 6 really cool and affordable ones.

Doctor Who

From the top left:

Doctor Who Tardis cookie jar, You can get this in two different editions but this one is by far the coolest; it’s very detailed and nicely made and makes Tardis sounds when you open it. As a bonus, it can hold your cookies. 349 kr on AlphaGeek.dk. 37.99£ on Amazon.co.uk.

Dalek keychain flashlight, is – as the name suggests – a keychain/flashlight in the shape of a Dalek. I got one in my advent gift and I simply love it so much. It has a lot of detail and is very sturdy for a keychain. But hey, what else can you expect from a Dalek? 89 kr on AlphaGeek.dk. 8.57£ on Amazon.co.uk.

Tardis mug, another really awesome advent gift I got in 2013. Simply put, it’s a mug in the shape of the Tardis, and as a Doctor Who fan you’re going to love it. 179 kr on AlphaGeek.dk. 29.90£ on Amazon.co.uk.

Tardis lunchbox, an excellent-looking Tarids lunchbox for all fans who want to show it off, it can be bought for 119 kr on AlphaGeek.dk. 11.50£ on Amazon.co.uk.

Doctor Who Tardis smart safe, is a safe that looks like the Tardis and which opens only when you put your smartphone or iPhone in and press the code. There’s a free app to download in order for it to work. 369 kr on AlphaGeek.dk. 24.82£ on Amazon.co.uk.

Dalek money box, As far as money boxes go, this is in my top 3 without a doubt. It’s a nicely detailed and good sized Dalek to put your money in and what better place to save it? 219 kr at AlphaGeek.dk. 16.91£ on Amazon.co.uk

I’d most like to get the cookie jar next, but we’ll see. For now I’m content with my mug, my Dalek, and my Tardis notebook – alll of which I got from my boyfriend, who clearly knows what he’s doing 😉

Again, I’d like to point out that I get absolutely nothing out of mentioning these products or sites on my blog, I just do it because I find them interesting and/or have them on my wish list (:

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