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Too huge a wardrobe!

WOHO, I won a gift card!

Gift card (with clipping paths)

I’ve never really been any good at gift card since I don’t usually buy them for myself (obviously) nor get them as gifts – in my family, 98% of the gifts I get are books.

This December has been a little different. It started out with me taking a survey and getting a 200,- gift card for Føtex. Then I won a 500,- gift card for BR through their Christmas calendar (and I was very surprised!) and for Christmas we got a gift card for the mall, and then I got another gift card for BR with 100,- through another survey.

So, all in all, a lot of gift cards!

Obviously, the 600,- for BR will be used on toys for our son but right now he has so many that we’re just saving them for later.

The other two? Well, if it were up to me (and I think my boyfriend agrees) I think getting some sort of smartbox/experiencebox would be neat. We really need some time together, so spending it on a trip to the cinema or a nice dinner at a restaurant wouldn’t be too bad.

What do you think about gift cards? Do you like to get them/use them?



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