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The Body Shop #1 - The first purchases of 2014

A pink cupcake machine!

Does that sound a little silly, a little childish? It might be since I’m definitely excited just as much as a child would be on Christmas eve.

I’ve wanted to buy it for a while now but figured, hey, I do food, not desserts, so I just forgot about it for a while. Then yesterday I just browsed the website for the fun of it and saw it was on sale. Only down by 40 kr, admittedly, but I realized I still wanted it – so I ordered it!

This is what it looks like:


Now, the thing about me is that I don’t like pink, I’m not girly, and I don’t do desserts. Which is the exact reason I’m so excited about it, it’s almost silly. I’ve wanted to make cupcakes for ages now (mainly because I love decorating them) but I just didn’t have the patience to learn it. Now I think I’ll make a bit more effort, to be hones 😉

I just got a text saying it has arrived and I have to go pick it up down by the post office. I can’t wait to try it out! Don’t know when I’ll have the time but it should be doable soon enough. I only need to buy some deco things first so they don’t end up looking worse than necessary.

I bought it from AlphaGeek.dk for 129 kr but a quick search on Google tells me it’s possible to buy something similar in Wallmart for 15$ and TheRandomShop.co.uk for 23.99£ and I’m sure there are more places as well.


For good measure I have to state that I don’t get anything by mentioning the shops and products, I do it because I genuinely like it and want to link it to you guys in case you’re interested as well (:


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